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Well, I must admit that I'm also quite dissappointed, this site is barely active. :( I won't even mention rather aggresive incels that are here. Though, still milions times better than Peddit.

I came here after TumblerInAction got nuked but I don't think we can replicate that community here, there isn't just enough users.

I don't really know what to do now, I don't know any alternatives that are much more active.

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If you ever find an alternative, let me know. I came here cause of the TiA thing too and the community is way more dead than I ever expected. Not very impressed. Sadly reddit is a powerhouse of an internet form and as long as it exists no other alternative can really thrive... and because they are abusing their power they end up censoring information as they see fit.

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This thread is why downvotes are useful. You stupid feds upvote eachother and spam your stupid opinions that no-one cares about.

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This website is super active. It's a shame that retarded fed cunts like you, the above user, and Chipit feel so compelled to be relentless in your retarded demotivational ops.

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yeah the five users on this site are the agency's highest priority targets. dumbass

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Have you not seen the influx from the TiA crowd alone? I think there are more than 5 users unless your using a lot of alts to larp.

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So fucking rude. How about you stop insulting other users? You are definitely not helping.

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I have little tolerance for you feds and your antics.

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WHAT THE FUCK, LMAO xd I hope you are just trolling.

No, I'm not a "fed", dude. Please, go take your meds.

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Do you idiots even realize that you give the same canned responses for everything? You might want to consider adding in a bit of entropy, y'know, changing things up a bit.