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How do you propose to measure "wisdom" then ?

I believe there a actually a lot wise people out there and on saidit whose views ain't that narrowed down, like that of most of the "experts" often is .

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A wise person will back up what he says with logic and facts.

An arrogant (and therefore unwise) person expects everyone to believe what he says based on his prestige/status.

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That comes in more handy than i expected. Thank you.

I had a saying like this regarding arrogance and "niveau" in mind (in German though) and now i can back it with this. What a nice day today is.

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If also day a real expert will have a track record of being right or at least helpful.

We have have far too many experts who are wrong over and over but they are the right type of people so keep getting work.

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experts are lame nick fuentes knows everything

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Experts, if they can actually be trusted, can only speak about problems they are familiar with.
And often there are other experts that disagree. So you need diversity of opinions to figure out what is going on.

I just posted this video about how to avoid problems with experts and other sources of knowledge.
Avoiding Intelligent Traps

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i watched this porno with a femboy strapped into a doctor's chair so i'd say i'm pretty qualified to speak on such matters

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Any expert who's skill or discipline is pushing paper is not worth listening to. They are expert excrement expediters. With the help of semantics, statistics, verbal and emotional manipulation, and appeals to authority, paper experts can make fantasy sound real. They've had years of training and indoctrination in their respective paper pushing and theorizing.

The only experts worth listening to are those who's skills or disciplines are demonstrable through tangible and useful tasks. Physical therapists are experts. Clinicians are meat doing what it's told.