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"less consequential than the rest of the world has.” Well America is the issue.

the U.S. economy has “problems”, yes Biden and the puppet master Harris.

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Do you really think Harris is his handler? I never considered that but will. Maybe you noticed but over the last few months the US has manipulated the dollar/yen rate, now USD $1=¥130, so that the dollar is about 30% higher than it normally has been against the yen. Japanese companies have a sweet spot of around ¥110 to the dollar that makes their exported products affordable and the Trump admin cooperated with Abe's gov to keep the exchange rate right there. Now, Jpn exports are way too expensive in the US. Of course, as you know, the dollar is becoming less important in the overall scheme of things and soon maybe not at all.

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I doubt Harris is pulling any strings, more like she's another puppet. Not sure if Kamala has any white blood in her though.

The people with power tend to all share the same bloodlines. For instance, Obama's related to Dick Cheney, Bush, Hillary Clinton, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry S. Truman, James Madison, Winston Churchill.

Of course, you can have millions of distant cousins, but half of all US presidents are related to another US president by 5th cousins or closer. The average person has around 17k fifth cousins.

If you do the math, the chance that many presidents are closely related to each other in a fair democracy is around 1 in 10 to the power of 30.

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Incest is all right if you keep it in the family. Not. 🤪

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yeah that's what happens with a improperly managed government, America and the Biden administration has been referred to as The Emperor's New Clothes. People just don't see how imbecilic and lethargic Biden is, he can't stay focused on one subject.

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Ever heard of The Peter Principle? In a hierarchy, people will rise to their level of incompetency. Biden was there long ago but as a bad joke, someone made him prez.

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Must disagree. I think pretty much everyone sees what a senile old fart he is. I think US gov cannot prosecute me for saying that but if you see no messages from me after this, please investigate.

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Not much to get excited about in this story, as you might expect. When Trump came the press was all over the story, with details of even the hamburgers he and former PM Abe ate.

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Trump had a way of being an interesting person. Politics aside, I enjoyed watching him.

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Right, he was so different from the NPC we have right now.