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That is 20 years into the future...and always will be.

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einstein said nothing is faster than light

einstein destroyed Tesla's ether by that claim

here we have proof of faster than light transmission

unfortunately 'outer space' is part of einstein's school of bullshit

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The last question by Isaac Asimov was fundamentally about a "quantum computer." That creates the universe in order to answer the last question.

When the last white is no more the answer will have been found. The Last Question

Fucking Whitey...every time

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They have been using lasers to keep quantum networks entangled from low earth distances of 5-10Km...looks as though they've found an easier way.

If they can maintain a network's quantum entangled state then the computer can be as big as the solar system itself. So, you could essentially talk, video, email, run software, everything the same as on earth as on mars (no unnecessary gaming lag too!)

quantum network Ground-to-satellite quantum teleportation

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I'm a genius physicist so I'm the perfect person to ask.

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i have a neighbor that tells everyone that he knows all about physics, but then he says that he doesnt like to talk "tech".

i would think that if someone is really well educated about physics that he should be able to hold his weight in just about any tech conversation. is this correct?

what would be a good question that isnt too complex about physics to stump him about physics?

i am looking for a good question that anybody that really knows physics would know... but that he wont understand how to answer..

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I thought there was some theorem that said its impossible to send bits of information via entanglement, or as soon as you send the first bit then you lose the quantum entanglement, or something like that...

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The Theoretical Minimum

Don't get caught in terminology...everything is a model...often when people are talking part of a part of a model.

So, to talk of the premise of all models of physics they begin with describing all these "sets"...and then go into part of parts of models in the describable sets.

FYI, I think you're pointing to Heisenbergs Uncertainty principle and Shrodinger's cat...which is about the double slit experiment...and looking into the atom (or box to see the cat) and whether it is in slot A or slot B in the double slit experiment.