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But over 77 million US citizens believe a Clown called Trump when he says man-made climate change is a lie.

The American continent is in fact the "new" world. Because it hadn't even had for fifty years the rest of the world on their ass and now they are crying they are affected. "old man" Europe and granny China as well as gramps India can only laugh about that.

Did anyone on these continents ever actually realize that the world turns eastwards and it doesn't stop. Ever like, i mean?

No matter what your joking about there with your clowns in chief?

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    Did you know that democrats and republicans actually switched politics exactly vice versa? If so, just write back your opinion when this happened.

    If you can exemplify on an example you get a purple colored happy small history snake from me. As a bonus.

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      I know and accept that. Mainly because i don't live in your shithole country but in my shithole country.

      Nevertheless: i made you think something so it can't be to much asked to follow through.

      One thing you gotta know beforehand though:

      I'm a lot like Mark Twain. If you even know this guy.

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        You don't admire. You are my favourite troll.

        See, nowadays i don't even need the authorities to get you to admit false feelings.

        You do it on your own even though you're as numb as a bean. I simulate to have feelings, you simulate to understand anything from taking us way offtopic.

        I am an intelligent, admirable person (haha) and you simulate.

        You know there will be a time when i hand over my oldschool trollblocking stuff from my t-systems times to d3rr? He shouldn't run unarmed into you.

        But you: You are always unarmed. That is why we can't mentally debate or duel.

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          So that is why my account is old and yours so young. I never understood that one. Even with all your AstroTurf-accounts combined you still can't come to yourself. Stop boxing when you're down. Some smartass said.

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            You're saying there's something unusual about a cat 4 hitting the Gulf Coast?

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            before too long, new orleans will be blown into the ocean. southeast texas will become one with the gulf of mexico. millions will drown.

            anyone living in new orleans has a death wish.

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            And this precedented storm proves that? Interesting.

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            i am not here to give you proof. I am here to warn you and then to watch it happen. try to imagine new orleans under several feet of water and then the entire thing disintegrates and floats into the ocean.

            climate change is going to catch everyone off guard. when it happens a few billion people will die in a blink.

            keep asking for proof.

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            The last century and a half of well-recorded storms warned everyone who came near what is in store from them.

            You're no prophet.

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            You're no prophet.

            did i say that i am a prophet? i dont think that i did say that. if you want to try again, i am okay with that.

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            Oh sorry, mister priest. Your god sure hates being denied, huh?

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            Isn't the whole point of living there to experience hurricanes, tornados, floods, and awful weather in general?

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            you forgot swamp creatures, such as alligators, snakes, and the cajun.

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            I can report I literally saw a mosquito yesterday. And last year, the wind knocked over several of my potted plants. Otherwise it's mostly been what some would consider boring weather, and the fauna rarely attack unless you enter one of their encampments along the railroad tracks.

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            Well thank God it was way less worse than Katrina. I got some Katrina stories. That was an interesting time. People were trying to trade gold and jewels for gas or even a ride. My buddy went to help rebuild, he smuggled some photos out -- I don't know if anyone knows they did a blackout so people didn't see how bad it was. Cameras and phones were being confiscated.

            There were dead people everywhere, and quite a few that had been strung up. Looters were being shot on sight, they had snipers on rooftops.

            They had a girl who fucked all of them, guess she was just surviving. Sex for safety and basic necessities.

            And goddamn, all the displaced workers were so fucking lazy and rude. I'm proud of the sister state relationship Texas and Lousinana have, we look out for each other, but fucking-a, they're lazy as shit and they need to stay in Louisiana generally. Shelter here, leave soon.