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I dunno, I see a photo on that page of at least 18 people being normal humans and one guy (who they're all ignoring) in a skirt.

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Today (they evolve with my moods) my pronouns are: Meh / Fuuuuuu...

Yesterday they were: Mother / Fucker

The day before: BadAss / MoFo

The day before that: SILENCED / CENSORED

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Forty-eight percent of Gen Z describe themselves as “completely heterosexual,” and 6% consider themselves “completely homosexual.” All the rest portray themselves as somewhat bi-sexual. Is this for real or are these kids just trying to be cool for the Cult?

Most people who identify as Bisexual are just saying that for attention, and only date people of the opposite sex — and some only date people of the same sex. The amount of people who are actually Bisexual is pretty low, because it's really easy to lie about it.

BTW, it sets off my OCD that they say "Forty-eight percent" and "6%" in the same sentence; why wouldn't you use the same style for both?

Only 44% among this generation of confusexuals said they always bought clothes designed for their own gender.

The manufacturer's intention doesn't matter if society's view of so'm contradicts it. A lot of cisgender women will wear t-shirts designed for men, but that doesn't mean they're crossdressing or that they're suddenly trans — it usually just means the store didn't have a version for women.

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They prefer to give percentages numerically, but don’t want to start the sentence with a numeral.

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Maybe that's it.

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This is west ...

on third world : jihadi confuse youngster, radicalize them to kill themself and achieve greatness.

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Islam is right about females