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Kratom can be a useful tool, but it is also addictive on it's own. Be sure not to trade one addiction for another.

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Hate to break it to you and your friend but while kratom may help with the detox it won't help with the actual addiction, which has a chemical dependency side and usually a psychological side.

Naltrexone is quite effective for treating addiction, research the Sinclair Method. However he may still need counselling.

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A significant percentage of alcoholics do benefit from kratom. I'm not knocking Nal, any tool is a good tool, but Nal has a success rate of what, 30% end up 5 years sober? I don't think any studies have been done yet but I think kratom is certainly as effective, possibly more.

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Check out, they started out from what we call CA drinking (Cripplingalcoholism = heavy alcoholism) and a number have experience with kratom. I wouldn't normally recommend reddit for anything but there's more addiction experience there than anywhere else online.

Kratom does help a lot of people quit booze. About 10% get really addicted to kratom tho, about the same amount as people get addicted to prescription pain medication.

the kratom eliminates his shakes and his sickness from detoxing off of alcohol, which makes quitting drinking a breeze.

Heavy alcoholics should taper rather than quit cold turkey, it can be fatal to us or cause seizures otherwise, kratom or no.

I like to do a Just in Time method, take a shot if you start shaking, wait an hour and repeat as necessary. Vodka tapers are tricky though. Not everyone can do them cause ya know alcoholics, we just drink the whole damn thing right away. Took me like six tries.

Beer tapers are easier but it can be a lot of beer to try and keep down.

a friend of mine

A dating friend? Fair warning, we are never cured of this. I think we're awesome people anyways, mostly, but ... That's a lot to deal with too. We're difficult people.

Also alcoholism tends to kill women in like one to six years so.... Some guys too, but women don't process large amounts of alcohol well physically.