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Those aren't corporate workers. Corporate jobs are white collar jobs.

They still need a living wage.

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Yeah, when you're making $75-150k, you got no problems.

I notice you didn't bother to address the working class issue, that one's a no-win for the left these days. Can't take back the years of ugly bigotry and punching down. Can't shake the devil's hand then say you're only kidding.

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Yeah, when you're making $75-150k, you got no problems.

The issue is that most people aren't making 75-150k$.

I notice you didn't bother to address the working class issue

I'm the one advocating for higher working class wages, you're clearly just trying to change the subject.

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Well, then you are clearly not on the same page with the rest of the left. The working class voted for Trump. They betrayed you. It's time for revenge. If you're going to pretend not to understand this attitude, here's a good example:

We have a whole planet to save. We don't need to "bring the jobs back". We need to do the job of saving the planet. We give these people jobs, what are they going to spend their money on? Meth and oxy. They are racist to the bone. That is obvious. They don't deserve to be sugar-coated. There is no reason to bend over backward to understand their motivation for voting for the guy who has a neo-nazi as his top advisor. America voted for hate.

Life expectancy among exactly one group is declining - the working class. Everyone else is getting better, often significantly. Let's let this trend continue and we can turn America into a left-wing majority country, open the borders, and welcome the world to share its culture with us.

Trump lied to them about jobs. They chose the lie. Clinton told them the truth. And they hated her for it. Let's give the working class whatever they want. In the hope they choke on it. These are not your friends.

There are plenty of immigrants who would love the unearned privilege of being born in America that these jackholes have. If these losers vote for a man who wants to take away their social security, transfer even more wealth to the top 0.1% and shred whatever remains of their communities, then they deserve to get what they are going to get, good and hard. I hope they lose everything.

I am not going to justify working class behavior, their inability to function in a changing economy, their shallow ethnonationalism, their entitlement, their stupidity. They deserve the worst that the Trump Administration gives them, and then they can either decide to vote for change, or they can fuck off and die. Really done with them. Tired of sucking up to them.

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So you think the working class should be satisfied with poverty while a miniscule segment of the population controls most of the national wealth? Is that why you're trying to change the subject with ad hominem bulletin? You can try all you like to convince me that I hate the working classroom, but you're the one arguing against our interests.

[–]Chipit 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (5 children)

"Our" interests? Your speech patterns are significantly above working class ones. You don't use all caps, all your words are spelled correctly and you use structure in paragraphs. You are no working class.

Maybe you're some kind of leftover fossil that's been in a coma since the 1950s. Could be, there are all sorts of wacky leftists out there who believe the unbelievable. The rest of the left is unified in the belief that the working class had their chance, rejected socialism, and now needs to be harshly punished. It's the mainstream belief, that's why they scratched "class" off of Marxism, wrote "race" in crayon, and repackaged the whole thing as identity politics. Somehow you didn't get the memo. Try it: do the same shit you're doing now, but trash the working class in favor of minorities. You'll find you fit in a lot better and get invited to more parties.

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It's obvious why you're so desperate to change the subject

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You neither addressed nor refuted anything I had to say. You just made a personal attack. I used to get annoyed at this, but now I know it's because the other party has no answer.

[–]DoubleReverse 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

That's rich lol, we both know it's exactly the other way around. You're perfectly aware that the wealthy are taking advantage of the working class but you don't want me to be right, so you try to change the subject by calling me a socialist and insisting that I must hate the working class and whatever you can do to try and distract from the point.

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You're arguing in bad faith. We all know that the left utterly despises the working class for failing to support them. That's why they switched to identity politics in the first place.

the wealthy are taking advantage of the working class

Who cares! The working class voted for Trump! Let them suffer! Don't tell me you're not familiar with this attitude, because you are.