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Microsoft: There can only be one, and it WILL protect you from "fake news".

C'mon now Missysoft, you're usually smoother when it comes to forcing anti consumer stuff on the consumer, who put a fire under your kettle?

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I prefer the pet-name: "Micro$haft" I think it emcompasses all the angles :D

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This isn't Microsoft's official stance. Whilst they certainly were a terrible, terrible company, they dropped the ball on anti-consumer stuff a while ago. It's still good to avoid them, but pick Microsoft over Google any day. Google picked up the ball and ran with it.

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Microsoft forced a reboot while I was working to install updates I've tried to block. They treat my hardware like it's a part of their spyware OS. I call that anti consumer.

Saying that people should select Microsoft since Google is bad is like saying you want cancer instead of AIDS, especially in the comment section of an article advocating the importance of being able to choose neither.

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That's very, very true. It's an excellent analogy.

Have you heard about the story behind Microsoft's decision, though? Google kept changing their websites to break non-Chrome browsers' optimisations (e.g. a transparent <div> on top of YouTube videos to break Edge's hardware-accelerated optimisation of video playback; they then proceeded to immediately advertise Chrome's superiority at video playing).

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I wish FireFox would roll back and start over from v56. Way better then.

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You should look at Waterfox. It has all the old features that were removed in that version. Palemoon too, but its not as updated.

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I'll retry Waterfox and try Palemoon.

Waterfox never worked for me last time I tried it. By that point I was already using Vivaldi and Brave. Now I only use Brave. It's faster and better in most things now. I may have also modified my habits too.