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They still don't know what H in HTML means... The whole internet is links...

But hey, it's probaly thank to PlayBoy Netherlands:

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Oh they know how it works, imo, they just think they've finally found a foothold to be able to control the whole thing. They just have to be 1 step smarter than the public to pull one over on them. The only thing that really can affect the legislators is mass public backlash that creates a PR disaster, so as long as they're above that by clever wording that fools the public, they can do whatever they like. Seems to be that way, anyway.

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Oh they know how it works,

I must, politely, disagree. The judges may be smart, but I have some smart spouse in the medical field, but they can't handle reading an error message without freaking out.

In the Netherlands there was some backlash about the article I dumped... but the Media does only report it in favor of playboy and it's too technical to pop-up in people's facebook timeliness.

Even people who run webshops don't know **** about the most basic stuff, because today it's all clickityclack and it works...or you ire some 'nerd' who fixes it.