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This is a big deal. This could affect saidit and many other sites like saidit. I can't imagine this sort of law will be all that enforceable... still is clearly overreach and this essentially gives them carte blanche ability to do as they please to the internet and the people who run it, unless those people submit to heavily restrict the flow of news and media.

One of my favorite quotes is "The internet sees censorship as damage, and routes around it." I hope to see that trend continue in regards to the GDPR overreach.

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They still don't know what H in HTML means... The whole internet is links...

But hey, it's probaly thank to PlayBoy Netherlands:

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Oh they know how it works, imo, they just think they've finally found a foothold to be able to control the whole thing. They just have to be 1 step smarter than the public to pull one over on them. The only thing that really can affect the legislators is mass public backlash that creates a PR disaster, so as long as they're above that by clever wording that fools the public, they can do whatever they like. Seems to be that way, anyway.

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Oh they know how it works,

I must, politely, disagree. The judges may be smart, but I have some smart spouse in the medical field, but they can't handle reading an error message without freaking out.

In the Netherlands there was some backlash about the article I dumped... but the Media does only report it in favor of playboy and it's too technical to pop-up in people's facebook timeliness.

Even people who run webshops don't know **** about the most basic stuff, because today it's all clickityclack and it works...or you ire some 'nerd' who fixes it.

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Here's a link to some more information if interested: EU copyright reform/expansion.