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Did he present any lizard man evidence?

At least there were bogus photos of Bigfoot.

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Sadly, no.

I wish lizard people could be proven true, then there would be a viable enemy. That is, unless I am a lizard person and don't know it, or the lizard people are here for the benefit of humanity and are just misunderstood. Sunday night thoughts.../s

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You can recognise lizard people very easily since they wear the tip of their egg-shell on their head for the rest of their life after being born from the big lizard queen. (That's also the reason why cou can't "convert" to lizard people - you must be born from that lizard mother or you aren't welcome in the club as a reasonable member.) The lizard queen is a mountain called "Zion" in lizard babble. They deeply cherish and praise it and are all in for a jolly sacrefice afternoon up there to feed their big lizard mom the children of men.

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Sadly, no.

Yeah, it's a ridiculous hoax.


Can you imagine the despair of confirming that the global elites are ancient shape shifting lizard people....?

Not cool.