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No /s/Lyrics, /s/SpokenWord, or /s/PerformanceArt yet?!? /s/Music sidebox says no, though it's full and it seems time to start /s/Music/wiki for sub references and so much more.

cc /u/christnmusicreleasesMusic, /u/Stankmango, /u/d3rr, /u/magnora7

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I dunno if it works the same here, but if you tag more than 3 people on reddit it won't notify anyone.

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I believe you are correct. I knew it when I posted it too. That's why I reverse ordered the 4 mods of /s/Music. M7 rarely listens to me anyway, and I figure the other 3 would be more likely to make those subs if they cared to. It seemed weird to completely axe the 4th though.