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and suddenly all the liberal voices disappear. Where are the people canceling this jew for his bigoted statements? But it's true in America everyone serves the jew and no one questions it. Same for the soviet union.

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You're living in a bubble if you think the vast majority of "liberal voices" wouldn't condemn this. Obviously this kind of sentiment is the Jewish equivalent of White Supremacy.

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I love how even in what was intended as an existential and damning statement about basically the entire planet, the fucking hook nose still manage to raise a concern about money.

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That's what most religious leaders will always say. I mean there are exceptions but you observe this quite frequently: sandniggers will very frequently say the same kind of thing - Allah only intended for Muslims to live, kafirs must convert or they must die. Portuguese killed/raped entire countries for their religious conquest.

Now it's not like I love Jews, just saying. It is pitiful that they can get away with saying vile shit but the moment a supposed 'opressor' I.e. a perfectly normal human being who happens to be Christian says this it is suddenly worse than the Holocaust.

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islam created by jews to be their foot soldiers. no surprise it's an abrahamic religion aka based on judaism. They don't realize they're controlled.

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I agree, watch Erol On Zionist Jews & his hilarious intro ;-

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Why do these religious leader nutjobs always sound like warmongering dictators about to invade a country?