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Look, addictive drugs were banned in the first place because they rob you of you free will. The same free will that the Constitution was founded to create.

You don't like it, move to Portugal. You can shoot up all you want there.

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Yes that's why China banned opium too.

Yet now opium is so over-prescribed in the US to the point it's been classified a health epidemic.

So if you're looking to US law as your moral guide, then you're not really paying attention to what's going on.

Also this guy is talking about psychedelics, not heroin. Most psychedelics have anti-addictive properties, and in fact can help people overcome existing addictions to alcohol and smoking cigarettes, both of which are far more harmful to use on a regular basis, than to use a psychedelic once.

The land of the free, huh?

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Alcohol is actually even more harmful than heroin or meth, when taking into account harm caused to both the user and family.

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I've had the same thought. Banning Alcohol completely (as we have tried once before) didn't work out. While dangerous, it's not exactly on the same level as heroin or meth.

One possible solution would be the Punch Card method. You're over 21, get a special mark or symbol on your licence, they run it through a computer that tells them how many drinks you have left. Once a month the number resets. Normal people won't notice a difference. Alcoholics will be in a panic after they can't get wasted every day.

A childish idea, maybe, but I think it would help slow down the rampant alcohol addiction that's slowly rising in the country.

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Always a cheap shot at the Declaration of Independence and other things that keep America together. They just love doing it.

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So you have no rebuttal of the points I made? That's a little disappointing. Oh well

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There's no rebuttal to a cheap shot.

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I brought up several relevant facts, you regard it as a "cheap shot". Okay.

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100% agree with you here, fine sir, /u/magnora7.

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It detracts from whatever point you might have made to the point that I don't want to reply to it. Sorry, I'm not going to argue with you. It was hurtful and uncalled-for.

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Such theatrics! Well, at least you don't have to address the points being made, and that's the important thing. Have a good day.

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You are without a doubt an exceptionally intelligent individual.

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Your response was a one-punch knockout, and he's still on the ground.

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It was hurtful and uncalled-for.

From the emotional fallback response it would appear that an apology is an order./s

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This is a little off-topic: What are your thoughts on the dangers of psychedelics? The rare incidents of psychosis that can arise.

Sometimes the mental damage can be permanent. Don't get me wrong. They're still way safer than some of the other drugs, but I've seen one bad trip ruin a person for the rest of their life...

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They're a powerful tool, and they're not right for everyone. If your mindset is in the right place, and you have a good setting, and there are no other mental health issues, then it can be a very useful thing. But it's not something to be taken lightly, or to party. It's a tool like a chainsaw, and much like a chainsaw it can cut down a tree, or cut your leg off if you're not careful. It's something that deserves respect and caution, but something that is very useful in the right context.

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So we can both agree that some things should be prescribed by a professional rather than sold next to the smokes at a 7/11?

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If I can buy alcohol, I should be able to buy psychedelics too. I don't see why not. Why should it be harder to get a mushroom than it is to get a gun? Amsterdam has legal psychedelics for sale in stores, it hasn't harmed them a bit.

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Before I tried psychedelics I was barely smarter than /u/chipit.

Having tried mushrooms I've almost attained the intellectual sophistication of this monkey.

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That was Brilliant! Thanks!

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I admire that monkey... ;-)

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I watched a kid in high school on a bad LSD trip back in the 70's. He was never the same. No thanks, I'll stick with cigarettes.

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Dosage also matters. If you take too much LSD you're going to have a very bad time just like if you drink too much alcohol.

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The Constitution was not founded to create free will. It was founded to protect our natural free will.

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he Constitution was not founded to create free will. It was founded to protect our natural free will.

The constitution gives congress the right to pass all laws... The Bill of Rights, which are amendments to the original shitty document, were added as amendments, because people knew the original document without the amendments, basically put them back under a feudal system. Also, it's not will, or free will, the Bill of Rights are what many consider the most poignant list our Natural Inalienable Rights. Through these, is truly the only way Any living being can have freedom, or more so self-determination.

Any authoritarian state, which most are, hate self-determination. Their goal is to scare people away from this, and in turn, seek continual approval through the state; which continually changes the bar in any direction necessary to keep the people from finding any sort of solid base, or footing from which to operate autonomously.

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Natural- implying? Prohibition? Homosexuality? Slavery?

Please expand if you can. Could our "natural free will", go askew to want to "create free will"?

Or did you mean subsistence, farming and/or governance alone?

Interesting point though! Appreciate you making it :)

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Look, addictive drugs were banned in the first place because they rob you of you free will. The same free will that the Constitution was founded to create.

Wait... so to encourage free-will, you need to stop free-will to CHOOSE non free-will?

But in the end, you're not left with free-will so... False equivalence?

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That's just not how any of that works.

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Look, addictive drugs were banned in the first place because they rob you of you free will.

/u/chipit. WRONG AGAIN, SHILL.

Report: Aide says Nixon's war on drugs targeted blacks, hippies

"You understand what I'm saying? We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities," Ehrlichman said. "We could arrest their leaders. raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did."

The war on drugs was created to attack dissident movements who opposed government overreach.

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That wasn't banning drugs, which was done when Nixon was a little kid. That's one campaign against drugs.

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That's one campaign against drugs

It's the most modernly relevant, because its policies are still in practice today. Also, it confesses to one of the prime motivational factors behind the criminalization of drugs.

Also, I'm providing evidence to support my position.

I haven't seen any evidence supporting your nonsense.

addictive drugs were banned in the first place because they rob you of you free will.

Do you have any sources for this nonsense assertion?

I'm close to certain that you don't.

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WTF. Heroin makes you lose your free will and structure your life around doing more heroin. As do all addictive drugs.

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Uh. Any medical textbook?

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Uh. It must be easy to find then. Let's see a source.

I know you won't find it, cause you're full of crap. ;-)

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So, heroin isn't addictive and won't make you structure your life around it. Gotcha. Go watch the documentary Trainspotting. Or read any medical textbook.

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These aren't sources, ya shill.

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It's difficult to believe that anyone agrees with this foolish comment; supporting state-control of free Americans right to decide what is right for their own body.

No doubt he'll also be shilling for mandatory/forced vaccinations in the near future.

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You can read my mind? That's amazing! Can you do it again? Can you tell me what I had for breakfast?

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I'm making a prediction, but it sounds like you're confirming my suspicion.

FYI: I'll save this post for future reference.

I look forward to exposing more of your pathetic shilling in the near future.

I also look forward to other people reading your pitiful responses when you get your ass handed to you.

There's no rebuttal to a cheap shot.

Bye. ;-)

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The Bill of Rights was written as an afterthought once the American people told basically, the crown to go fuck off, with their idea that they can pass any law they want.

All the Bill of Rights did was put pen to paper of what already exists; our Inalienable Natural Rights. The proof they exist is that while a mob of NPC's wanting conformity may kill you in exercising them, they cannot stop you.

Aside from that, quotes like this, are showing of an Authoritarian construct; where by all things can be 'socially adapted', or 'changed for the better'..... which is lip service to free things, puppy dogs, and ice cream. The world simply isn't that; anyone believing that is delusional.

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This guy fucks.

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"This guy fucks.".... Man, that's some insight, thanks for sharing.

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what evidence shows it was written on hemp?