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The real question here is: "what good ideas?"
Each seems to have limitations, but also people reinvent the wheel over and over again.

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Different wheels for different tastes.
Breaking wheel, cheese wheel, colour wheel, Dharmachakra wheel, Ferris wheel, Hot Wheels, potter's wheel, ships wheel, steering wheel, wagon wheel, water wheel, Wheel Of Fortune, wheelbarrow...

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The concept of wheels is good. The cheese wheel is great in Skyrim.

I was thinking about "good ideas" in programming.
There is Functional Programming, type-theories, Object Oriented Programming, Smalltalk's class browser, Java's virtual machine, lex/yacc, state-machines, data-flow, entity-diagrams, architectures, databases, etc.

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You know I was teasing. :P
And I know little of programming.

I still have a plastic flow-chart template ruler from university computer science circa 1993. Don't recall ever actually using it.

I wish some of the FLOSS mind maps were better - and maybe could be GUI programming thingies somehow, if only to create simple bots, addons, macros, and expressions, for your PC and/or online interactions. IMO, there'd be a market for such a thing.

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I have a full plan to make a graphical porgramming language.
It is more based on spiritual channelings, explaining me that languages are too limited and linear.

It is based on data-flow,of function blocks, but combines with hardware design. So it is low level to begin with.
Like: [input] -> function -> output
With type-extension tricks you can extend a function to act in more different ways (adding an Option or Future type).
Additionally you can define state-diagrams, extendible.
A bit like: During(running): [signKey="a"] -> MoveLeft [signKey="s"] -> MoveRight
You can refine such functions with different details or more options

It seems complicated, but it makes more sense if it is mainly graphical.

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You may not have to start from scratch.

When I started computer animating in 1994 there were always GUIs with flows. Including SideFX Ice, SoftImage Eddie, SoftImage XSI, Alias/Maya, and countless others - now including FLOSS Blender. These production specific programs are overkill, but some of the GUI ideas may be worth referencing. (I hate that Maya patented the hotbox, denying it to the world at large, instead of an alternative to the right-click menu we're all forced to accept that by comparison is crudely basic.)

I always thought the interfaces' square boxes lacked icons, shapes, borders, patterns, colours, textures, etc that could convey more diversity of info about the functionality.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were already mind-mappish FLOSS GUI programming apps that haven't gotten noticed yet.

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Here is some of my work on

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It's more a matter of square wheels versus round wheels.

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