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Apparently a lot of people were calling it back then.

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The stage was set for this long before 9-11. Primary example: the "hate crime".

If you kill someone heinously or premeditated, we already have and have had laws for that. The scope of this being, your just as dead if you're black or white and killed by someone carjacking you or murdering you for being "of color".

Attempting to assess motives is largely subjective. It leads to thought policing, which leads to ideas like "hate crimes", which in turn gives certain authorities the ability to apply extra punitive measures or adjudications based upon some ingroup/outgroup association factor. The best and most obvious examples of this today are race (black and brown), and religion(atheism, largely state/statism/political worship but other sects do exist).

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You mean the kind of laws Open Society Foundations proudly promote?

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Those of us who were politically aware back then predicted this would happen.

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The war on terror was always against the citizens of the US. At no point in time was it a war against anyone else. The destroyed countries in the middle east were never targets, just collateral damage.

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Predictable. The "neocons" that pushed for the WOT and the Patriot Act only care about money and Israel and have nothing but disdain for whites

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    You do know the irony? Its all been maintained the quickest way to kill off dissent at home, is to pack of those likely to cause strife, overseas ie colonialism, to "civilize the savages" plus acquire a mass fortune, so less likely to rock the boat at home! In Britain, all those whose ancestors kept the natives with whatever measures were necessary from overthrowing colonial rule, are now rewarded by prestigious posts, to loot the tax payers in favour of billionaires & corporations! Corruption so rife, its on open display!

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    You mean whitey.