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The thing is, this virus isn't any more deadly than any before it. The numbers are are manipulated to show at least an order of magnitude more deaths than reality, and likely far more than that.

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This is more disturbing than anything I have ever witnessed.

I've been thinking the same thing all day every day for a year+ now. That shit grates.

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i find it semi-hilarious that folks are only now, and begrudgingly noticing medicine is garbage

trauma care = good

medicinal health = bad

of course there are exceptions. but in general, these are the rules

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I Don't Care How Many Covid "Cases" There Are. I Never Did.

Do you care how many people die?

There has never been any question that as a coronavirus, this new pathogen would be highly contagious.

It wasn't particularly contagious. R was about 2 for the first variant. Delta is much more contagious.

This is one of the defining features of coronaviruses.

Not really. As a zoonotic virus, it's going to be not that great at spreading between humans initially, since it's adapted for spreading in bats.

Give it time though. Viruses adapt pretty fast, if there's a lot of them out there.

Using the words "mutant" or "variant" thus are also equally unimportant information. This was a given from day one. Again, we already knew this.

It makes it important for everyone who can to get vaccinated though. Once we drop the number of these little buggers out there, the number of new variants that will show up will also reduce, reducing the chance of one of them being really nasty.

The difference with this particular pathogen is that thanks to Fauci, Daszak, Xi and company, this coronavirus carries a greater punch of morbidity (illness) and mortality. Thanks guys for that! We really appreciate it.

Long covid is pretty nasty, and it's deadlier than most flus. But it's not at all deadly compared to deadly viruses. Such as ebola. The published research on bat coronaviruses that was funded by the CDC didn't make it deadly. It made it possible to infect human cells. The modification was to the spike protein.

helping people who have Covid to not become seriously ill with it. In the end, THAT is what matters.

Wiping out the virus matters too.

In other worlds, in the normal pre-Covid world, doctors who figured out how to save patients from the devastating effects of hospitalization (with or without death) from a new disease would be celebrated. This is what medicine IS.

Treating the disease is also medicine. Avoiding the disease is also medicine. Not just alleviating the serious symptoms. In Infectious diseases, finding and killing the infection is primarily what it is.

The establishment does not want doctors to treat covid patients before they enter the hospital.

By far the best treatment that we have for that, it to avoid getting infected. Vaccinations (and masks) are the best tools for this, and are being pushed by this "the establishment" person you're talking about. Certainly by most governments anyway.

Combine it with the absolute ban on discussion of the harm being done by the vaccines, and there is no way I see a benevolent explanation for the full-court press mandate of 100% vaccination.

There's plenty of discussion about the harm of vaccines. AZ is not even being used in a lot of first world countries for younger people because of a 1 in a million death risk from blood clots in the brain.

The ways in which the top of the medical governing bodies (NIAID, CDC, WHO, etc) have perverted established guidelines for dealing with respiratory pandemics (prior to 2019) tells us something is very centrally wrong here.

So as the human population increases, we know that pandemics will arise more than in the past. Some of them will be deadly. A serious response has been prepared because of the growing awareness of a serious problem. CoVID, with it's couple of weeks of infectiousness prior to the expression of symptoms is the problem. But it's not even bad in terms of deadliness and infectiousness. There's a much worse one coming sooner or later. We need to have a plan.

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the UNVAXXED just want to kill innocent children!

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There are no innocents anymore.

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Did every respectable child and animal leave this planet? I didn't get the memo

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Vaccines cause autism.

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I think you and the previous user are bot-like.

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Then stop posting about it.

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Stop mandating unproven genetic therapies, forcing people to wear absurd facial coverings, and destroying our ability to make a living based on Covid, and I promise you will never hear from me again on the subject.

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Stop taking actions that spread a deadly, rapidly mutating virus. Otherwise, I will force you to do those things if you want to interact with me.

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Please tell me these actions I am taking? I control the spread of this virus? One of two things has happened in the time since we learned of its existence. Either I have never come in contact with it, despite all the actions you are going to tell me I am taking to ensure that I should have come into contact with it, or I have come into contact with it, my innate immune system killed it, and did this so effectively that none of the other people I know ever came down with it either. In either case, I haven't spread the virus. What are these actions I should not be doing?

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I just found out that over 99% of the people dying from COVID now are unvaccinated.

So feel free to not get a vaccine.

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Very interesting article. Thanks.

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Yeah that's the interesting thing, the two findings are in conflict. The US, both pharmaceutical companies and the CDC have a history of ... massaging ... if outright fabricating is too strong a term, pharmaceutical data. I'm less inclined to take it at face value.

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They aren't: In the US, most of the population is vaccinated, which means vaccinations are equally distributed among vulnerable (mainly elderly) and less vulnerable. In the UK, most of the vaccinated population is also extremely vulnerable. So there are fewer deaths overall because of vaccines, but those deaths are still concentrated in the vaccinated vulnerable population.

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The vaccination rates for people who received both shots look very similar to me 49% vs 54% and vaccinations in the US are higher for the elderly, 80% fully vaccinated, they got first crack at the vaccinations..

The UK says 90% elderly have been vaccinated, who also got first crack at the vaccines.

So the numbers look very similar but the one story is that the unvaccinated are the ones getting infected almost exclusively, while the other story is that the vaccinated elderly are still the most at risk group. There is a way both could be true, but that's not really how this story is being spun, this is (although from a different story)

Walensky called it “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Fully vaccinated individuals can still get Covid-19, but they are protected against the worst of it. They should not need hospitalization and will almost certainly not die

And that shouldn't be different in the US than in the UK.

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