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"Leftists" appears to be code for "I'm American and new to politics".... Or "I suck Koch bros ass". I'm hoping it's the former.

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I think it's actually Israeli slang.

It's been a common insult used over there for the last few years. They like to get involved in US politics.

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And U.K. Politics it would seem, thanks for clearing that up.

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The word "Leftists" means...what? It refers to people on the political left.

You know, the ones who censor, cancel, the ones who invented safe spaces and microaggressions, the ones who are racist as fuck themselves and thus use psychological projection to constantly accuse others of racism.

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No.... I don't know the leftist you are talking about, here in the UK all those crappy micro-aggressions you are referring to comes from the center / right. The left wing come with many flaws... But none of the above. Gullible, easily manipulated towards the center, bad leadership, wasteful, exssesive, passivity in the face of aggressive lobbying etc etc. Do you know every thing you say sounds an awful lot like a mantra that being repeated in the hope that it true....I mean who are really trying to convince with this partisan bile?

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The same left in the UK that just got handed its worst defeat in 80 years? That left? LOL

And the best part is, from what I've seen, the left learned nothing. The most common reaction was a vicious hate campaign against the working class morons. The left, attacking the working class for voting for its interests. They're lost in the wilderness and won't be a factor for a long time.

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I see you are a bot, the joke is on me.

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Joe Biden could shoot someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue and they'd still vote blue no matter who.

IIRC, Trump said something similar during the 2016 campaign.

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Are you one of those hypocrites who justifies your actions by pointing the finger at others?

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So, is shooting someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue a good thing or a bad thing?

Should you vote for someone who does that?

So how is it not OK when that's applied to Trump, but when it changes to Biden suddenly it's OK and you should vote blue no matter who? Even if Biden shot someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue? That's literally what vote blue no matter who means.

Did I really have to walk you down that lane? You honestly aren't seeing it here?

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So how is it not OK when that's applied to Trump, but when it changes to Biden suddenly it's OK and you should vote blue no matter who?

I didn't say either was "OK".

Joe Biden could shoot someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue and they'd still vote blue no matter who.

Do you have any sources of Biden saying he could "shoot someone" etc., or are you making all of this up?

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It's literally what vote blue no matter who means.

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Is that how Clinton lost?

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We see it.

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And frankly I would vote for Trump if he did the same because there is more at stake than one New Yorker's life. With the absolutely insane policies that the Democrats have begun pushing I can't take the chance of another Obama presidency.

Obamacare fucked up my insurance. Democrats ran my city into the ground. News story after news story come out about miscarriages of justice at the hands of activist leftist judges. We have open season on fetuses and every mother with munchausen can legally have her kids mutilated not only without question but against the wishes of the father and paid for by my tax dollars.

The country in the hands of Democrats is a living nightmare.

We are stuck with a system of choosing the lesser evil, and there is plenty of evidence that it is a Hobson's choice anyway. Maybe it is all just theater and it doesn't matter who is president, but just in case I'm going to vote for whenever doesn't control the house.

And as such, we should not point fingers regarding stupid shit like that and should instead try and have conversations about policies, whether or not either of the potential illuminati stooges would ever do the right thing anyway.

I think we should all agree that we need term limits for Congress and rally around that and only elect those on either side who will support that.

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