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When I read articles like this I realize just how far we are from the original constitution and the original premise of, "leave me the fuck alone, govt should be in the background, not in the front".

I have no doubt that within my lifetime we will move toward complete government control. Its what a majority of the people want, and it is what 100% of the folks who make their living in politicking and government want. Give the people the safety and security they deserve I say.

My additional thought is, how the hell are we not walling off certain states, Ca, Il, and Ny for starters. I have family in one of those states, I love them, but I cringe at the idea of them moving out. They would take their voting habits with then and have no clue.

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Banning vaping might be acceptable if everything wasn't already illegal.

Bombing Iran might be okay if the US wasn't at war with the entire world.

Increasing the debt might be understandable if the USA wasn't bankrupt.

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The USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state, but nothing will change because Americans think everything is just fine.

Americans scream Obama was an evil monster for embracing war, debt, and tyranny, but then Americans turn around and insist Trump is a holy god for supporting war, debt, and the police state.

Anyone who hates freedom, peace, and balanced budget is a tool of the elites and a traitor.

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Currently they're working 'diligently' in Congress to revise the mining rights act. In it's original state, it basically allows small prospectors to go anywhere with a car; which hampers all the bullshit 'no go zones' now.....

So, the newer proposals are where you never get 'mining rights', but instead, and at best, a 'lease'. They're also proposing to tax the amount of literal dirt that's needed to be moved, to access the minerals.

Open Command, and Control. You will become a reactionary serf; don't jump, unless we say to, and when we do, only on one foot!!!!!