Isn't there anything we can do to help arrest these "drag queen" pedophiles? by [deleted] in politics

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Your tax dollars pay for the library, the librarians, the staff, the building, the books, etc.

Show up to your local board meeting or write your town board. Contact your city hall to voice a complaint,

Better yet, there are proactive things you can do.. Tactics such as to print out leaflets that describe the problem(s) as well as the local politicians/town board members condoning and ignoring this and leave them on parked cars in residential neighborhoods, parking lots, etc (perhaps under cover of darkness too).

I think being proactive in this way gives others the opportunity to think about these events and who they should/shouldn't vote for.

Additionally, It's becoming unsafe to voice dissent when leftists or democrats are present. This is why, distributing flyers with an effective message under cover of darkness may be the safest, most effective method.

A sitting judge in Iowa was impeached some years ago with similar tactics. I think in a country increasingly controlled by democrats and big cities, covert ops might prevent you from falling victim to unscrupulous red flag complaints or having your life combed through by media outlets looking to destroy you.

It's ironic, I hear people say so often that there is no way the left would ever won a civil war if there was another, because the right has all the guns. This fails to understand history, is generally a very foolish viewpoint. The left traditionally uses the coercive power of government and LEO's to enforce compliance, just as in Hitler's time, there were a lot of officers "just following orders".

Of course, right now they're only telling fathers in Texas that mothers can chemically castrate their children without due process, and they are randomly disarming individuals with detestable opinions in Oregon. These are done at present in the courts, but the time will come when LEO's will enforce compliance.

So do watch yourself.

Lawmakers SLAM Trump over U.S. troops pull-back as 'betrayal of allies' by Morphos1759 in USnews

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For someone who loves peace, he is still sending more troops to Afghanistan.

The Kurds there have been one of our biggest allies in the region.

If anything, we should abandon both Iraq and Afghanistan and keep troops there to prevent the killing that is going to happen afterward we're gone.

All these politicians are garbage. Making this decision and increasing troop levels in Afg shows trump is a moron, and his foreign policy is really just whichever way the wind blows.

Democrats Hell-Bent On Tearing America Apart Ahead Of 2020 The phony impeachment inquiry is about wreaking havoc on the Trump administration ahead of the next election. by LibertyNation in powertrip

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This is dead on.

The republicans had a majority in the legislature for quite some time, they didn't fix or really even propose legislation to overhaul healthcare, the border, immigration, federal agencies, taxes ( yeh they got thru a largely inept and benign tax reduction which will expire mid 2020's, they also failed to reduce government which is generally how you reduce deficits and increase growth while reducing taxes. Instead they're just ballooning our national debt).

The democrats have had a majority in one house for at least a couple of years now, and a president whose policy is ironically similar to the ideas espoused of the typical 1980's Democrat. There should be a lot of ground to work in reality. They've not proposed anything of substance, unless you consider the green new deal, which all the democrats in the Senate abstained from voting.

The truth is the none of them want to fix any problem facing the country...

-On immigration, the Dems want the easy votes. Repubs want cheap labor for their businesses.

-On tariffs, the dems have always loved tariffs and a majority of the Republican base and the president is now on board with them. They all decry the need for these tariffs for national security reasons, yet it is isn't such a security issue that they suddenly decide to postpone them until after Christmas. What a joke.

It's all a joke. Neither party wants to get anything done, impeachment talk gives politicians the opportunity to rally their bases, while they steal our money, freedoms, common sense and dignity.

Trump suspends entry of immigrants who cannot pay for healthcare by magnora7 in news

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A few points (unfortunately lengthy)

1- When you adjust for things like gun related deaths, obesity, and vehicle accidents, the U.S. healthcare outcomes are quite good. I think Forbes had a pretty decent write up on it in the past. ( I'm not saying things can't be improved upon)

I'll take my firearms, ice cream, and choice of vehicles over re-making us in the image of the rest of the world. I think the same Forbes article also brings up the homogeneity of certain countries most like to cite, China, Taiwan, the Scandinavian countries, et al. Those countries are typically racist or at minimum largely xenophobic, oft hostile to outsiders, especially the Asian countries. I can go on about this one, But suggesting similar policy as these countries, a la vetting immigrants more closely or giving preference to certain countries leads to the racist/white nationalist label, so that's as far as I'll go.

2- The VA is a classic model of socialized medicine. The VA does some things very well, general and typical ailments. However, like all socialized medicine, wait times can be long to see a specialist and approvals can be arduous.

Going outside the system without approval isn't possible in a truly socialized medical system, Alfie Evans (I think was his name in the UK) is a recent and high profile example of this. After his illness diagnosis, the Vatican offered experimental/trial treatments at the request of the parents, willing to try anything. The NHS not only declined him further treatment in the UK system citing it inhumane to continue providing treatment, it also denied his release to another system (Vatican) which offered experimental treatment at no cost to the family or the NHS. The child passed away soon after being denied transfer to the Vatican and life support.

In the socialized system, you have little recourse if medical malpractice occurs. And, like many good government systems, problems may simply be transferred to a different hospital, or disregarded in total( as is the case with the VA). What's great about our system though, if you don't like Going to the VA, no one can stop you from seeing someone else (other physicians give discounts for cash or perhaps you can look for other insurance, or contact the physician to arrange a pay schedule).

3 - Ed Dolan did a pretty good podcast with Russ Roberts (econtalk) regarding our healthcare problems. While I disagree with you and everyone else who want Medicare for all/public option, or a more European/socialized system, I found his idea of mandating universal catastrophic coverage intriguing. I could probably get behind that, and I can definitely get behind removing employers from providing insurance on the condition of employment. But it still strikes me as pretty antithetical to the principles that our country was founded on. But I'm probably one of the few left who would prefer freedom, so

Daily reminder that 2019 Reddit would ban 2008 Reddit. by Bullet_Storm in WatchRedditDie

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r/nflstreams now essentially banned at Reddit. The mods moved of site.

Hundreds return to Hong Kong streets as metro, shops shut after violence after a night of chaos in which police shot a teenage boy by magnora7 in WorldNews

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Maybe. Hong Kong technically belongs to China now.

I understand that we all feel for them, But the truth is, they aren't free. They aren't allowed to protest in any meaningful way.

The protesters are breaking the law. I think if they want freedom then they need to take the steps necessary to achieve this. Otherwise they are only endangering innocent lives for the social media hashtag resistance, which means they'll be forgotten in a year.

Trump suspends entry of immigrants who cannot pay for healthcare by magnora7 in news

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It's basically wac-a-mole.

The dems attack any policy that he puts forward. He then has his staff look into another method of doing the same task by other means/loopholes.

It's kabuki theater really. Congress has not only the power to change and construct proper immigration and legislation, it is constitutionally tasked with this duty. But in the past 40 or 50 years, as our country has grown to see the president as some type of king wielding the powers of the administrative state, it has yielded to that office, which is unfortunate..

It's largely the same in many other facets of government. I just read an article about how the IRS is auditing the lowest tax brackets at an equal or greater rate than it does top earners. The article, like the IRS, made the case that the legislative branch has gutted funding for it for over 10 years. The obvious agenda by the agency and the media outlets are to increase the power and money to these administrative branches. It's telling that the media outlet reporting on it looks at this as a problem of Republican's funding (or lack thereof) this agency.

I'm not sure why they ( well actually I know why) don't suggest another, better method, say like institute tax reform, such as a flat or fair tax and abolishing the need for an IRS.

That's a pipe dream now though. With a majority of the country moving toward socialism and anti capitalist policies, any Idea of reforming or eliminating an administrative agency will fall on deaf ears and is completely anathema to the plan. The most one can hope for is good state legislation wrt taxation.

City Council approves tough new regulations for vacation rental industry by dcjogger in politics

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they're democrats. They hate regular people. They hate people attempting to make cash on their own terms even more.

What's more, the people of Hawaii voted for them, over and over, I for one certainly enjoy seeing them get exactly what they want.

Seeking technical advice on several router / wi-fi / Free-NAS / co-op ideas. by JasonCarswell in DIY

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Everything you're wanting to do can be done. It's generally much easier with enterprise grade equipment, such as ubiquiti or microtik which are on the cheap side.

As far as the computer and FreeNas, unless that computer can run ECC ram(server grade) you might be better off turning that box into a pfSense router/firewall. FreeNas is designed for enterprise grade storage. If your looking for simple, easy storage you could much easier take that old computer and turn it into a Debian or CentOS caching server much easier than using FreeNas. You'd probably want to look into a gig our fiber NIC card, you can get used server ones pretty cheap on eBay still.

If you want to stick with your D-Link, you probably need to look into building or buying some type of waterproof box since it will be exposed to the elements, and you need to look into ddwrt or tomato.

But generally running an open Wi-Fi box isn't that hard. Most routers rented or sold by Comcast or Cox or the other ISPs broadcast a separate Wi-Fi network for their customers that anyone can connect to.

I'm pretty sure, you're ok if you run an open Wi-Fi. Of course you might get your equipment confiscated until they clear you, especially if you're doing something like running a TOR node or endpoint.

QUESTION: Why do so many so-called libertarians want negative freedom, that they purport to be for freedom but then are totally fine with corporate private entities acting like a government hierarchy to regulate anything an employee or worker does? This is the opposite of Republicanism. by Jesus in conspiracy

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The biggest difference is that, the government can come to your door using men with guns, i.e., LEO's, military, or some other executive branch hit squad/agency (e.g. FBI, DHS, IRS, HHS). If these men make a mistake and kill you or your family by accident, they face few if any penalties, perhaps transfer to a different agency or precinct or a bad performance review is their disciplinary punishment.

You might believe your forced into using Google, but you aren't. In fact, if you toss your cell phone and your computer in a river, no agency will come to your door and demand that you purchase new devices and resume online shopping, using their mapping applications, talk and text on that device, etc. Likewise, If you pay your bills with check or money order, they won't decline your payment.

The cooperation between big tech and the government is extremely dangerous, without a doubt. But under a capitalistic system, there are always alternatives that will pop up, such as patriot mobile for cell phone service or black rifle coffee instead of Starbucks.

Far more problematic, are the companies such as Equifax, transUnion etc who build government sponsored dossiers on us without our consent. But even then, you could still just use cash for everything and avoid all of them.

However, your question stems from the fact that like most millennial, x-ienniel, and gen Z'ers, you don't have a proper understanding of what is a right. Yes I know it is 2019, and you might truly believe the internet and healthcare are a right, that Facebook is a right, But under the system which devised our constitution, these aren't rights.

I find myself leaning heavily libertarian. However, I came to realize that a libertarian society can only exist in a culture where it's morals and foundations have the strong underpinnings of Judeo Christian values. If you have no ultimate higher authority, then the state is extremely likely to fill that role, which is exactly what's happening in our society.

There is a growing majority of the population that look to the government, to the president, as the entities providing their rights. they'd rather have the government tell them what is and isn't allowed. They'd rather government provide a safety net for those who need one, or at the minimum ensure that those who fall through the cracks are taken care of. Years ago, a majority of the people looked to each other as the ones to be the solutions, not the government. Institutions like churches, Lions clubs, Moose, Knights of Columbus once reflected These values and traditions.

It is what it is I suppose. I don't look at this as generally positive, but, as they wrote in the declaration, it's up to the people to declare what the government should be, and what it should do, and it should reflect the people it represents.

I'm not sure if the constitution were written today, it would pass. In fact, I don't think it would, not even by close margin. The first five amendments seem to be under aggressive attack generally by any state Hilrod win in 2016, and she won by popular vote..

Feds Demand Apple And Google Hand Over Names Of 10,000+ Users Of A Gun Scope App by dcjogger in news

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It's funny my gal purchased something from REI and was irritated that she had to give a lot of personal info even though she had it shipped to store whereas in the store she could purchase it with her card and not have to give up any info other than her card.

Thats the cost of business online.

Feds Demand Apple And Google Hand Over Names Of 10,000+ Users Of A Gun Scope App by dcjogger in news

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It's ironic you said that, we went to eat falafel last night and the owner had on CNN which was talking about NOAA being forced to confirm the hurricane thing.

That led off a group of people eating there, most were millennial, to openly and loudly discuss how they could change the constitution, so they could remove the 2nd amendment, remove the electoral college, and implement policy for climate change. They were really frustrated and belligerent.

After they left the owner said he thought if everyone thinks like this, the U.S. will become like his home country of Syria. i couldn't tell if he thought this was a good or bad thing. But I think the list of people who value liberty, Not just liberty for opinions/ideas they like, grows very thin.

Hong Kong On The Brink: Protests Reach Tipping Point by Optimus85 in conspiracy

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It's 2019. That stuff doesn't happen today. Plus, this time it's different..

Search Wars: Consider Supporting these Independent Search Engines by [deleted] in Internet

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Good point.

I'd like to put in the list of search engines here. It searches for a web 1.0 sites, or lesser known sites.

Warning! You can really go down a time suck if you start on the surprise me link.

Search Wars: Consider Supporting these Independent Search Engines by [deleted] in Internet

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Check out

Who Inflicts the Most Gun Violence in America? The US Government and Its Police Forces by dcjogger in politics

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Rather than civil war, French revolution, or breakup of the states, a far more likely outcome is that we become China.

Give them These on the cheap: an Android phone, TV, a PlayStation, twitch, YouTube and free marijuana. They'll be content with that and no freedom. & The Chinese were absolutely right.

The amount of freedom we've lost is astounding. For every person who is willing, like Cliven Bundy, there are 10,000 who are content playing video games and staying high.

Red flag laws are just the beginning, and no one will mumble a sentence in opposition. The Senate might be the last group in opposition to the tyranny that lies in wait, but they won't last long.

This is how democracy died, to the thunderous applause of the many playing call of duty and Minecraft.

Who Inflicts the Most Gun Violence in America? The US Government and Its Police Forces by dcjogger in politics

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I hate to post fake news sites such as WaPO or NYT, but this is confirmed in multiple places, data from the CDC if you choose to believe it.

BREAKING: Two guards at the MCC (Mass. Correctional Center) who normally have overnight shift that watches over suicide risk inmates, were both told to leave area 3 hours earlier for scheduled "Maintenance" to jail cells and hallways. This morning Epstein was found dead by magnora7 in news

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I think a far more likely scenario is that he was told to suicide and the guards were told to be absent during a certain time.

After all, he still has family alive, people that he cares for etc. On top of that, they probably threatened his money/valuables which probably should be safe now that he's saved the establishment.

My guess those he hurt will be downplayed now, will see very little money..

Cloudflare terminates service for 8chans by Ian in Internet

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You're dead on.

The problem however, resides in the fact that instead of addressing the problem, the political elite are looking to increase control.

Let no good tragedy go to waste as they say. Publicize the mass shootings for gun control, publicize the natural disasters to increase or create the powers of FEMA, DHS, EPA, HHS...

By and large, the people want this. Freedom is hard. Freedom forces everyone to recognize that there are some ugly parts of humanity, that humans may not be fundamentally good and that you can't just educate this away.. Most people would rather the government hide tragedy from them, this way they need not be involved.

"California Should Be Embarrassed" - State Passes Law Banning Trump From Ballot Unless Tax Returns Released by fred_red_beans in politics

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I don't like trump. But people only really want accountability when it's the other teams guy. Trump says a lot of stuff, especially on Twitter, but most of the time it's merely fodder for his base and the other team. Very often he dies nothing at all..

The problem I have is the folks citing trump and this article 2 silliness were nowhere to be found when, on numerous occasions, Obama would actually state that he didn't think he had the legal authority to do some of the actions he enacted, a la affordable care act or dreamers act. But everyone fawned over his brave and bold stances.

"California Should Be Embarrassed" - State Passes Law Banning Trump From Ballot Unless Tax Returns Released by fred_red_beans in politics

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If the people of California don't like the way their representatives are acting or are representing them, They will vote them out. I'd bet my life savings that nothing will change however, because by and large Californians feel that this type of governance represents them very well as a state.

And they've made it exceedingly difficult for anyone other than those from the endorsed blue/red party to get their name on the ballot. This is a logical next step. This isn't Cuba, people can use the internet and 3rd grade reasoning to determine there may be another candidate they could vote for.

I don't think the federal government should be forcing the states on any of the things it seems to be doing, let alone telling a state how it should vote our conduct it's voting. Otherwise, it's better to abolish the 50 states for a national identity.

Minimum Wage Hikes Are Wiping Out Jobs by dcjogger in news

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A "living wage" set so high destroys entry level positions, especially in places that don't have the wealth of Manhattan where the people not only can afford a 26$ burger, they view it as their charity to keep food on the table for the worker bees.

Our parents and grandparents went to work in factories, over 40 hours of hard work where the pay was enough to support a family.

Our parents didn't go work at McDonald's and feel they were entitled to a wage that affords them the lifestyle they see on IG. If they didn't do factory work, they went to work at the shore store from 7-3, left there for 4 more hours of work at the diner to bring home enough money for their kids to eat, clothes on their back, and pay for night classes so they could get a job that doesn't entail shit work for minimum wage.

Of course this seems strange in a culture where: - you are entitled to high quality healthcare and healthcare research at someone else's expense, - where higher learning is turned into a credentialing program and everyone should be given what they feel they're worth regardless of the work they have or will put in, - where you should be given a "living wage" for flipping burgers, because how the hell are you supposed to feed, house and provide for your kid and afford a yearly iphone, your subscription packages (Netflix, hulu, HBO, twitch, steam, ...). I mean it sucks you have to sacrifice kids shoes so you can watch GoT, Republican and corporate cubicle bastards, forcing your kid into shoes from the salvation army. - where the government should give you weed for the PTSD you suffered from the corporate cubicle shill who fired you because you failed your drug exam or because he didn't understand your marijuana use leads to occasionally being late and they weren't being accommodating..

IT is the new factory job. What's more in many markets you can get a entry level position with just a few certs. Beyond that, many other trade jobs pay very well, a plumber in my area got 120$ a house call and 65$/hour beyond the assessment. But these positions don't have the prestige this generation is obviously entitled to.

You also must be a government brat. The only people of the older generations that retired at an age where they could enjoy it were either entrepreneurs or government workers. Very few government workers should be given an early retirement, but they keep voting themselves one, so I guess it makes sense.

LOCALLY mandated, 15$ an hour minimum wage can be a good thing. In the bay area or Manhattan, really The minimum wage should probably be closer to 20-30. But 15$ an hour kills anything not named Wal-Mart/Best Buy/McDonald's in places like Temecula or Salinas.

The government mandating this at the state/federal level is just politicians picking winners and losers, rewarding their big business friends. This crushes local businesses, small shops, and independent chains. It also kills jobs for kids starting out. Of course the latest psychology today says that children's brains aren't actually fully formed until they're 45, so that may be a good thing.

"California Should Be Embarrassed" - State Passes Law Banning Trump From Ballot Unless Tax Returns Released by fred_red_beans in politics

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I'm not sure I agree with this.

The people of California elected those officials to represent them. many of them are not only elected, they've been re-elected. They wouldn't do this if it wasn't the will of the people.

They should be able to print whoever they want on the peoples' ballot.

Rural Americans would be serfs if we abolished the Electoral College by dcjogger in politics

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Proportional perhaps.. The tragedy of trump backing down on adding a citizenship question on the census, is there have been numerous reports that many illegal aliens are being counted as to increase their states house delegates.

Should they be considered? I'm not sure, but I think this should be discussed at the least.

Reddit permanently suspended my account for linking to Will Van Spronsen's final words. Reddit stands with ICE and is complicit in upholding the fascist state by blackflagged in Reddit

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It's not the keyboard per se, it's the fact that a few white lines essentially dictate the importance of certain black keys.

Remove the lines, remove the hate!!

I didn't vote for Trump. However, I'm pretty sure that I understand why many others did. Unfortunately, many here do not. Why did you vote for Trump? by Tom_Bombadil in AskSaidIt

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That might be what they thought they were getting. The reality is he is essentially a mirror image of Bill Clinton policies, down to his immigration, tariff and social policies..

It seems extreme because the ones who called themselves democrats are essentially socialists/communists now. When was the last time you heard any of these republicans speak of more limited government.. Trillion dollar infrastructure program anyone, proposed by the "conservatives". Required and enforced maternal and paternal leave, proposed by Mike Lee..

Meanwhile the Dems are ensuring that everyone should have the right to kill their kids or have a sex change at the expense of the taxpayer..

Who's lost in this is anyone who is an actual conservative or libertarian. Problems such as immigration... neither side wants to fix. Democrats want to expand their voting base, republicans want cheap labor for their corporate sponsors. Open up the border for all immigration and end welfare assistance for anyone who is not a citizen or who is an immigrant here..

County Says It's Illegal to Work on Your Own Car in Your Own Garage by dcjogger in news

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When I read articles like this I realize just how far we are from the original constitution and the original premise of, "leave me the fuck alone, govt should be in the background, not in the front".

I have no doubt that within my lifetime we will move toward complete government control. Its what a majority of the people want, and it is what 100% of the folks who make their living in politicking and government want. Give the people the safety and security they deserve I say.

My additional thought is, how the hell are we not walling off certain states, Ca, Il, and Ny for starters. I have family in one of those states, I love them, but I cringe at the idea of them moving out. They would take their voting habits with then and have no clue.

Corporate pride by Mnemonic in memes

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It's different than just marketing though. We now have companies that actively engage I hostility toward certain groups. Instead of providing a MasterCard to everyone, well they defend certain groups, like Gavin mcginess, who I'm not a fan of.

However, the wailing and gnashing of teeth if MC prevented lgbt groups from using their service would be of the scale.

YouTube announced Wednesday it would ban videos promoting or glorifying racism and discrimination as well as those denying well-documented violent events. by Robin in Internet

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The best is when you attempt to explain them that it's their view and ideology which has in fact been responsible for far more deaths than the racist/bigoted ideologies they're complaining about.

You wanna see a feline expression on a human face, just attempt to have rational discussion with them on this topic.

Meet Chad, the Child Rapist. by [deleted] in Chadfish

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I wish I could say I was shocked... But alas.

California Is The Future The Liberal Elite Wants For You by sawboss in news

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A good read. I don't always agree with everything Kurt says.

To be honest, states need to look at ways to inhibit blue flight. Colorado/Denver is gone. Idaho starting to look rough, I spent the last weekend in phx, where you can see the changes starting.

As more states pursue the course of disregarding the electoral college, smaller states that will be dramatically affected should begin the process of looking to exodus of the United States. It's important they look at their fiscal and economic viability now more than ever.

That's a lot of people: "There Is a Reason That The Media NEVER SHOWS The Crowds At a Donald Trump Rally. They Don't Want The People To Know How Popular Donald Trump Really Is." by salvia_d in politics

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Nonsense.. About as true as is the vast majority of those who didn't vote for trump are overeducated socialists or communists that see state control as an effective means to control their less educated, non coastal uncontrolled middle of nowhere hillbillies who refuse to comply.

There are racists in every group. Believing you can't be racist or bigoted because you bask in a monoculture of diversity is simply a denial of truth.

I'm sure there are racist and xenophobic members of trumps base, but I'm equally aware I see them when I see them chanting Margaret Sanger themes and preaching that stopping abortion mills is a terrible blight for people of color and the economically depressed.

I'm not sure why the democrats haven't figured out it's probably far easier to bribe these groups with free college and healthcare for life in exchange for being spayed/neutered at a pre pubescent age, they're already experimenting with hormone therapies, at least give them something for it.

Back on topic, It's ironic we only get shown the one type of low information voter meme that gets hammered a lot, the country racist bumkins, three teeth and a straw toothpick. It's not cool to show the other, you know the Obama phone toting folks, who vote Democrat for generally the same reasons the guy with three teeth votes Republican, but no one can mention any other stereotypes..

Regardless, There's a lot of data that suggests controlling our borders is worth it..

There's also many folks who think if you don't control who comes into your country, you don't really have a country. It's not just xenophobes. I dunno, I have doors and locks on my house, that doesn't make me some phobe...

I'm personally of the opinion that we should eliminate barriers to entry for everyone. This would allow law enforcement to focus on human trafficking, drugs and other serious crimes. Anyone could come in and work, just check in at the door and let them do a background check. The caveat is that those individuals could never receive welfare of any kind for as long as they live here, and upon application, should be given a welfare plane ticket to their country of origin. Then again, I'm generally against welfare in general, since it's just state sponsored theft, but I know you guys love it, keeps the base's happy.

Additionally, a recent UPenn study found there was less racism under the 2 years of the DT administration.

Likewise these "xenophobic tendencies" are the same tendencies/policies that democrats such as JFK and Bill Clinton espoused, almost to a t. It just that you guys have moved so far left.

This desalination device delivers cheap, clean water with just solar power by Chop_Chop in Solar

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That's asinine, completely irrelevant, and lacks any intelligence, thought or common sense. Though Big war/MIC is real, it's got little to do with desalination plants, further, the military industrial complex is a drop in the bucket compared to big healthcare, where fat cash goes.

Our government systems, services, and incentives in the U.S. are much different, and beyond that each state is different than others.. San Diego had been working on desal plants for a number of years(Poseidon I think) and then canned them after further perceived government state/local intervention, that was after the 20 years or so it went through the process of trying to get cal regulatory permits to begin the process of building them, lawsuits, etc.

After the continued fights, San Diego water utilitiy shut them all down, after realizing that, with all the government subsidies and public water utility structure, it's far cheaper to truck in water from the Colorado river or nearby states than invest in useful technology for the future.

Until those incentives are removed and the people or the utilities pay and charge a real price for things, it's not likely to change anytime soon. Monterey, and several other northern California area didn't go nearly as far as they did in San Diego in their projects before they scrapped as unfeasible. With NIMBYs, special interest groups, and what's more, massive government regulation, desal plants aren't a priority nor are they necessary.

With all the humblebragging from cal about being 1/5 the nation's economy, I think it's silly for neighbouring states to give away their water to the folks who've chosen to live in a desert for pennies, but who knows..

Bret Weinstein: Left and Right Libertarians Should Unite by sawboss in Libertarianism

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The problem with the libertarian movement, is conditions must be right for them/it to exist. By and large, those conditions are gone in this country.

Our founders warned that our constitution is fit only for a moral and religious people. It's wholly unsuited for any other.. It's not coincidence that as we've abandoned the traditional Judeo-Christian values (though not necessarily the religion itself), they've Been replaced with a different god, the omniscient state.. Which ironically, most people agree is needed and necessary.

The government grew from leaving you alone in the Times of the founders, to the behemoth it's become today. A few examples are; controlling who can become a hairstylist or nail salon tech, who is/isn't allowed to dig in their own back yard and where, what things you may teach your children, what cable tv/pharmacology/healthcare/cell phone choices you have, who gets/is required to have a parking sticker, who gets mandatory paid leave for childcare, as well as non academic related considerations for entry into colleges using metrics such as race or zip code, which businesses are allowed/regulated and where are they allowed, what type of light bulb/water heater/ac unit you are allowed to have..

Being libertarian today is looked upon as being cold and indifferent to human suffering. The idea that one's community/religious institution/social club should not only contribute but be the primary vehicle for the care of each other is radical in a day when we are sold a promise that the state can swiftly come to provide aid.. This is so much easier, sounds super effective, and what's more, requires nothing from anyone other than a mantra such as, "I pay my taxes so they can go help those ppl out". Of course not only is it a fraud, in many cases the government picks who can and can't be aided by inhibiting private party civilian rescuers, e.g. the "Cajun navy" or Puerto Rico.

Beyond this, the "left and right" sides of being "libertarian" thing..??. Well I occasionally turn on Free talk live for background noise when I'm stuck doing mindless computational entry, and recently I heard a guest host claim they were libertarian but absolutely believed the state should tax people more in order to hand out more money to those who had less.. I was outraged.. Endorsing that some government entity has the right to take what is mine and give it to someone they deemed worthy based on an arbitrary metric is garbage.. That guy might be many things, but libertarian is not one of them. I'm generally convinced that most left wing policies and ideologies, which may sound humane, kind, and warranted are generally antithetical to the ideas of liberty, human agency, as well as small L libertarianism. Right wing policies can encroach on freedoms as well, but left wing policies generally operate from the premise that the state is this wise Oracle, dispassionate, fair and indiscriminate. That the common good and the collective interest outweighs individual rights or concerns, especially since those opposed to such are just bad actors, unconcerned with the welfare of the others, interested only in themselves..

I love my country, but at some point you have to realize the U.S. was great not because of the things it did, although it did great things. It was great because of the underlying values behind the people. Those values drove them to do great things, not the other way around.

We had thousands of men take up arms, sometimes against their neighbors or their own families to liberate groups of people from tyranny in the past. Now we have groups of people take up arms against statues that serve to remind us that evil lies in the heart of every man, because some of those statues are tributes to that evil.

We used to tar and feather those who told us we couldn't say things or that we didn't have the right to be heard, now we clamour and lobby the watchers to shut down voices that are offensive, that say things we don't like, to move those voices into "speech zones", away from those who might see or hear, not just on campus mind you, have you tried to hold up a sign near a congressperson, especially of certain political persuasions, you can very easily become a felon, and legislating things such as net neutrality... Only good can come from the state further regulating the communication superhighway..

As well, at one point young men ran out of boats knowing they were about to die to storm the beaches of an evil regime, they did it anyway. Today, one storms the beaches by hashtagging your strong belief in climate change or lambasting those who might be skeptical, and feeling good about yourself by putting your plastic in a blue bin so that it gets shipped to some third world shithole to get dumped into their waterways..

No, I don't think the conditions are even remotely conducive for libertarians and the ideas of liberty. In fact, I think it's rather the opposite.. Our country and people are increasingly Balkanized, and probably why we need more havens such as the free state project in New Hampshire. The government accelerates this balkanization.. I mean, what insane govt doesn't even require a common language for it's citizen services, it's no wonder people don't care about the country they live in any longer, there is no common thread among us, not even language..

In the absence of these conditions, society and the people look for explanations for the maladies in life from an incorrect place.. And not only do they seek explanations from the state, they seek Its remedies.. It's why the further socialist we go, the more certain freedoms must and do get curtailed, such as the first and second amendment. For old timers, it's horrifying. For a newer generation, it's a feature, not a bug..

Forevergate: The Pernicious Persistence of the Russian Collusion Delusion by Kangbanger in Collusion

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You mean like crimes such as illegal border crossings returning to pre 2015 levels? Or the fact that There is a massive influx of immigration firm Guatemala. Or the fact that these individuals are bringing rampant disease, on top of the rampant disease from homeless sanctuaries like los angeles and San Fran, where numerous diseases such as hepatitis, typhus among other infections are spreading like wildfire.. Or the fact that judicial supremacy is now so prevalent it isn't hyperbolic in the least to state we are living in an oligarchic system, regardless of who is sitting in the oval office or Congress, they are impotent..

The truth of it is, nobody in either party cares. The people who say they care, the republiCONS had 2 years and all the branches to do something, anything. Instead they pass tax breaks that expire and call it a good term.

They don't care. And the people that do care, us, we are the marks. Now as all the above is happening, Mitch McConnell's landmark legislation today is to prevent those under 21 from tobacco products.. Another victimless crime..

Both parties hate you, they mock us. Both parties hate us, any of us that question them. And it isn't just them, the media is in on it as well, obstruction with no collusion??. Endless wars overseas.. Trump might be different than the average politician, That's why they all hate him. But another truth is that he's primarily in it for himself.. His policies mimic that of Bill Clinton, proposing infrastructure books that make Pelosi blush..

Unless we have a convention of states, I'm beginning to feel really pessimistic about the countries future, I'm hopeful for a breakup of states though..

Use of Controversial Surveillance Techniques by UK Police is Being Challenged in Landmark Court Case by Kangbanger in privacy

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The "if you aren't doing anything wrong" tropes are quite old and really isn't worthy of response as it's nonsense.. I might recommend the book nothing to hide by Daniel Solove to at least formulate more intelligent ideas.

However, the argument which should've been made is that people of the U.K. are subjects, (though they recently attempted to classify themselves as citizens in name only), and as such have no expectation for things such as freedom of speech, privacy, the right to defend ones self, the right to life.

Their rights come from the state. If the government offers them such rights as listed above, for any period of time, they should be eternally grateful.

In the long term, I'm not sure if privacy would benefit them, and it most certainly is counter productive for their government officials who are their primary caretakers.

What type of libertarian are you? by [deleted] in Libertarianism

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People immigrating to America are most likely fleeing oppressive socialist regimes. Those people bring their bad ideas with them, and teach them to their children who then grow up bitter because they never learned to succeed in liberty and capitalism. This is one aspect of the cultural argument for border regulation which is rarely discussed outside white nationalist circles, because it's taboo to suggest that one culture is superior to another

Although I agree with this statement regarding individuals fleeing places such as, California, NY, IL, and a few other states, I disagree that it applies to immigrants from outside the U.S. once the incentives have been removed.

Personally, I've seen numerous individuals in the tech field graduate from a graduate program, and are able to get jobs, but unable to stay if they don't hit some kind of lottery BS if they can't get particular employee sponsorship programs. These are people we should want to stay..

I will say at present, we get an inordinate amount of immigrants fleeing from socialist countries whose policies they supported, however I think many come because they know they'll be taken care of when they arrive. The bottom line is incentives matter, and word travels fast. We see this in the wonderful caravans that beat their drums as they march toward 3 hot squares on a WIC card, free section 8, and a great monthly stipend while waving the Latin American flag of X.

It's not bigoted to state that. In fact, I've seen many Mexican workers who work hard, doing Ag/landscaping type work, who wear USA t-shirts and want nothing more than to have the freedom to do what they want and celebrate the fact that they're in America.

Again incentives matter, for example.. If you tell a small group of homeless ppl it's cool to just set up a tent where you want, no worries about jobs, booze or drugs, plus the state will provide port-a-potties to keep you from defecating in the streets as well as numerous social programs to ensure you're comfortable, don't be shocked when all of a sudden that small group of homeless becomes an entire street as emigrant homeless from other states go to where the easy money is, like the hordes of Californians invading Idaho, Colorado, Texas et al changing the culture.

I think the quality of immigrants coming here will improve once the incentives are changed.

You might be right about repealing the 16th only with force. I'm actually more hopeful for a convention of states, where they can repeal the 16th, impose term limits on supreme court justices, enforce balance budget measures, and remove the judicial overreach by state and federal courts over the executive and legislative branches.

Barring this, I'm pretty sure we are on a fast track to a different constitution and/or type of government. (And even with the convention, may not stay the beast). I mean, so many people look at government regulation as such a boon and a blessing. They want their God to regulate the internet, and soda, and speech, and marriage, and ...

What type of libertarian are you? by [deleted] in Libertarianism

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I didn't really see much about taxes or immigration, two big topics.

1- we should completely open up the borders and make it much easier for people to come here legally. Of course, it only works if you completely eliminate social welfare programs for any and all immigrants.. In fact, it's probably better to eliminate all social welfare programs for anyone, and let local and private institutions flourish again. It's theft by the government.

I'm against both, but the welfare state for immigrants just breeds corruption, all so democrats can increase their voter base and republicans get their cheap labor. Garbage..

2 - repeal the 16th amendment. It was a power grab. Theft, by the red and blue puppeteers of the men with guns.

Facebook Still Tracks You After You Deactivate Account by BackwardsCompatible in TechSec

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You don't have to use Google to use an Android phone. There is usually a screen swipe which activates the phone without a Google email.

You can then use guardian repo, fdroid, yalp store anon for Google apps, or any if the other smaller repo stores out there.

You can put libreos, cyanogen mod, or any number of other flavors of Android which don't submit anything to Google.

If you want to use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms without having them siphon your data, use a web browser and log out when you're done. most of the social media companies still offer www access, which means you don't have to use their app or accept their permissions.

Facebook Still Tracks You After You Deactivate Account by BackwardsCompatible in TechSec

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What has GDPR done? It's essentially forced those annoying little pop up ads infantilizing you to inform you that websites use cookies, welcome to 1990, oh and it killed whois..

The largest problem with Millennials is they've functionally broken the language to sound cool, and then look like jackasses when required to use it for any modicum of intellect, probably because of common core and teaching to the exams, but I digress.

For example, let's take "surveillance capitalism is terrible, these corporations are running all rampant thieving my data against my will".

You see, this is an actual Millennial conundrum. Instead of coming to the conclusion they could just limit many of these companies by simply uninstalling Facebook and grindr, they won't because their belief is companies should be forced to comply with their needs, wants, & desires..

They shouldn't give you this free app in exchange for your data, which they do sell to brokers who pay to support the coders, engineers, infrastructure servers, marketing departments, etc. See, Millennials believe they have a right to their grindr app.. Unfettered access, no holds barred, mandatory daily updates, no server downtime, and great customer service, and if grindr can't do it, by God make grinder a utility, because the government should give it to them for free

That's Millennial tyranny. This is because they are detached from reality and they've functionally broken English, I see it everyday in my graduate program.

Now, let's take actual an example of real American style tyranny. A 3 am no knock raid by swat, men with guns, executors of the state.. Perhaps like in Texas, they hear you might have a meth lab, or maybe in the future it's because the government has decreed no millennial should be searching Craigslist for casual encounters, or because someone searched for ragnar Benson pdfs or googled jihad.. Yes, these no knock raids do occur.

The problem with people like this guy, is they're all in.. His legislators sold him a bill of goods, and the true believers are the little monkeys with bells on, they just march around clanging their symbols..

You see, while they're selling him on the idea that his Facebook and grindr are terrible and these "rampant corporations" run amuck make him an impotent, feckless, powerless human unless he clangs his symbols and he relinquishes control, real crony capitalism is occurring, endorsed by the same people firing him up about grindr. The big three data companies like Equifax and experian have been given unrestricted and complete access to all your data, They are the government endorsed gateway. They continuously lose, or in their malfeasance, allow theft of millions of people's data. They lie and deny it, and lose more data again, again, for essentially the same issue, rinse, repeat.. No one goes to jail.. The msm news highlights it on the back page, while highlighting Zuck on the front page.

While they fire up this guy to worry about his grindr search history, his SSN, last 3 addresses, number of credit cards and credit score get dropped on darkweb, numerous times, nobody resigns, few fines, certainly no jail time. They farm this data out to other players, organizations who for example track those grocery cards you use to get 5 cents off your milk and jelly.

And when anyone asks about such things, these politicians have the media stir up the true believers about how powerless they are, because Facebook, Amazon and grindr didn't give them free stuff they deserve and tracked them with their consent, how helpless they are.

It works!! People clang their symbols about how capitalism is terrible, gdpr is so great and Facebook so bad but they're forced to use it, how it's been terrible since net neutrality was repealed and were all using CSD dial up now..

The insanity is many really are just npc's. I mean, we literally have secret government courts now, which essentially ok'd the looking into a sitting president, yet a majority of people are absolutely ok with this because Orange man bad.

Good thing he lobbies his legislators, they're gonna restrict speech, and find ways to stop fake news and alternative facts or opinions from getting out there, after all, you can't be bothered to read for yourself after all. Oh, and they made credit freeze free to address our data overlords issue. Good call..

Federal vaccine court quietly pays out BILLIONS by Tom_Bombadil in Health

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Hey there, looks like you took stats for social science majors, great job! In an actual math program, they let you in on a little secret.. Data collection and aggregation, like science, is often incomplete. It's based upon best analysis at that time.

As stated in the article, many didn't know they had recourse such as this program. Many more didn't/don't know the problem(s) they or a loved have/had are vaccine related. Further, what happens when the data shows up late, e.g. cancer down the road or problems in offspring. What's more, it's fantastical you believe the govt would never lie to you or deny certain claims based on its own .. I think you're what's referred to as a 'true believer', in other circles I've been in you've been referenced as a 'millenial'..

I find it absolutely hilarious that many who clamour for a time when the idea of a deity is nonsense are certainly quick to replace it with one, just in the form of the state. Why is it the government's role to <quote>

treating millions of unvaccinated people when they inevitably contract serious but preventable diseases </quote>

Individuals should be responsible for this, and themselves. I'm not against vaccinating per se especially diseases such as polio, smallpox, hepatitis or certain individuals in fields such as healthcare..

But the big brother government and it's younger brother the media are shaming anyone who might not hold the same view and didn't get their flu shots as 'science deniers' and 'antivaxxers'. The same trick used with anyone who holds any opinion other than doomsday catastrophic climate scenarios.. Where the only solution is forced migration into cities where they can monitor your carbon footprint, make sure you're properly vaccinated, maybe even spayed/neutered, removal of all cars and on and on.

If you so easily acquire disease after having been vaccinated due to exposure of the unvaccinated, unless it's ebola, it sounds to me as if someone is being lied to.

Maybe it's like the best guess random strain flu vaccine where somebody is throwing shit against the wall and hoping it sticks.. Then again, in the absence of spaying/neutering government programs for humans, perhaps there is some important selection going on here.


“The vast majority of people that are coming to my office because they suffered an injury are people who did not even know these types of injuries were a possibility,”</quote> said Christina Ciampolillo, president of the Vaccine Injured Petitioners Bar Association

25 NASA Scientists Question the Sanity of the Global Warmists by sawboss in videos

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They've fully demonstrated the problem Judith Curry and others pointed out. Scientists use to focus on a particular area to study, geology, tidal physics, oceanography, meteorology etc.

In universities, entire PhD programs have been creeping up under the guise of environmental engineering or climatology. Instead of a hard science, it's really a soft science or I guess you could call it some type of data science.

They essentially aggregate data and do prediction modeling. Our chair often mocks them, but I think he's jealous they get massive funding and fast tracked grants.

Big money to be made if you got a green label on the things you study or work on though

George Washington University Students Vote to Scrap Mascot, George Washington by HeyImSancho in SundogsPlace

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Generations which have it so well, those people have little need for history, the past, traditions etc.

Generations who elect leaders to go forth on their behalf and fight in the halls of Congress for climate change while comparing this to thousands of young men storming the beaches of Normandy to prevent the slaughter of millions knowing that their imminent death is highly probable.

Generations who believe they fulfill their obligation to society by filling petitions, paying their taxes, or hash tagging some trend on their FB, IG, Twitter etc rather than sacrificing they're time by joining some local religious institution or community group & getting involved in the mess of people's lives.

Generations who believe some lives are worth more than others, that select groups of individuals who have partial responsibility of bringing individuals into the world, then have the right to determine who is allowed to come and who is not.

Generations who believe tearing down statues of individuals who lived in a world apart from them, is comparable to fighting the battles they fought for or against.

Generations who believe the state grants you the freedom you have, and prefer the safety nets and status the state provides.

The constitution is a piece of paper. As was stated in the declaration of independence, when a government, or a constitution, no longer adequately reflect the people it represents, it is incumbent on the people to change it.. That's where we are rapidly approaching.

(satire) Smollet charges dropped after masterful use of "I Have a Lot of Money" defense by VantaFount in funny

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A person of color or LGBTQ+ can only be the recipients of hate crimes, by definition.

And no, the hoax was from the Chicago PD. He was exonerated recently when they relented and dismissed all charges against him.

The problem is so many are focusing on Smollett, instead of a corrupt police organization that needs constraining. An out of control organization which attempted to character assassinate him by filling fake charges, until they were called on their lies and dropped the charges.

Jussie had the money to fight the system, which has been emboldened to attack certain groups within the past two years. What about the millions of others who don't have the capability to fight..

Jussie proves it can be done. A literal lynching survivor. He's a hero.

Chicago drops charges against Smullet; police, and public not happy by HeyImSancho in SundogsPlace

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It's not privilege If your a person of color or gay, literally..

The real problem is the racist Chicago pd filling these false charges, against Smollet and other persons of color or LGBTQ+.

This was a legitimate hate crime against Smollet, and thankfully, as he said in his presser after he was released, he feels vindicated, and he should as he's been exonerated. A hero for standing up against a system hell bent on destruction of certain groups.

CPD should be held accountable for race baiting and hate crimes this has caused, and will cause in the future.

We are witnessing History by useless_aether in funny

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You're joking right... Dude MSNBC, CNN AND FOX news miss you. Please go home.

I think I last saw there were around 70 documents that were classified linked to her on cryptome. They threw Petraus in jail for much less..

You don't have to be a D either, plenty of R's should be in jail. It's just that the media tend to cover for anyone with a D behind their name. (Reuters and your boy Beto come to mind recently) But your beloved overlord Clinton, she should be in jail.

The people have tolerated corrupt politicians on both sides for way too long, like bribing hoes with my tax money. It's gone beyond that now, we have a majority of people and news agencies actively endorsing this political elite class, with claims of instability and insanity of anyone that questions them.

When it comes, I hope they give you the socialism you deserve first..

Seattle is Dying by Entropick in collapse

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The real problem is most of those West coast places are hemorrhaging their residents (Not the wealthy ones though).. & they're emigrating to places like Texas, Idaho, Az, and Utah.

My last trip home to Idaho was really discouraging, it looked like a California refugee cess pool. If these states were smart, they'd require a loooong length of time before you could legally vote there.. Better yet just let them reside in said state and vote in the state they came from.. Remove property and income tax and move to a high vat or flat tax scheme to make sure everyone pays taxes.

I'm sure there might be some dandy folks moving out of Ca/Wa/IL/Ny/Or... But I'd make everyone moving from a blue/purple state to pass a liberty test or something.. I don't think most of them know why they live in a shithole, just that they don't like paying high taxes and they don't like the high cost of living/housing.. Tragedy of the commons, they essentially CaliPhuck other states.

On top of that, EVERY time someone mentions how Cali is 1/5 the U.S. economy and no one could survive without them, I'd raise the water export fee and price per gallon by a buck so that everyone knows we aren't subsidizing those meatheads for living in the desert..

Ted Cruz introduced a term limit bill that would allow just two terms for Senators by TheWebOfSlime in TheWebOfSlime

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A terrible idea.. Completely asinine. We already have term limits, they're called elections.. If this were to be enacted, candidates will simply be forced to vote whatever they party says.. at that point, drop whatever drone in there you want, they'll all talk and vote the same..

You see this now in both parties, but it's pretty blatant in the DNC.. The GOP tends to still criticize each other, anyone going against the grain in the DNC is marginalized and silenced. I mean, the gov of Va wears black face and essentially states he'd hung negroes in the past, and promotes infanticide. Justin Fairfax of Va rapes white girls for fun.. Complete silence on both of these issues, and anyone saying anything suddenly gets freaky quiet..

If he wants to make a difference, real work needs to done here: 1- reign in the judiciary.. justices shouldn't be allowed to rewrite laws, nor should state or federal courts be allowed to place an injunction on The executive branch. If anything Congress should be doing that 2- decrease the administrative state.