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But in fact, women and men are different from the organs even to the bones. That's why you still can tell if it was a woman or a man when you stumble across a bunch of old bones. The female brain works different from that of men, too. The brain areals are distributed differently in each case; in the female brain for example, the emotional center is right next to the speech-center, which enables women to better express their feelings. Everything is different in male brains, but down to the smallest detail men and women differ. Even the texture of male and female hair feels different. It is not meant to exclude each other, but to complete each other. They still have to learn that, both.

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which enables women to better express their feelings


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From this point of view, all men with their aptitude for technical understanding could be considered as autistic.

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Well, we're all somewhere on the autism scale ;)

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Unfortunately most medical experiments are done on young men, so all these little differences in all organs mean medicines sometimes don't work in women as well as in men.

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It is even worse - most medical experiments are done on animals, so we have a cure for cancer now, but it only works in mice.

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That seems like a modern day "feminist" wrote that. Some things never change.