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I noticed this too when we first started.

People would 'downvote' stuff by clicking funny, which in reality only promotes it more! lol.

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Yeah, promoting this place more and more on reddit will attract good people and some shills. But the way the downvote and upvote system is setup is ingenious.

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Weren't you going to change "funny" to "fun"?

I'd like to insert a pun about yoke and shackles / joke and chuckles but my mind isn't on it today.

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Yeah we have talked about that, it's really a mix of the two but you can treat it as both

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But fun isn't always funny and funny is always fun until someone loses an eye - and then it's hysterical. Arrr!

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That's a good point, it linguistically makes sense, it just sounds stupid or childish in my ear to have a 'fun' vote. It just sounds like something from the 1990s lol... that's the main reason I've been dragging my feet about making that change. Maybe that's a dumb reason and I should just do it

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More than half of SaidIt is about serious content. I don't think this distinction is trivial or "childish". If anything it's necessary with this shit.

Alternatives to "Fun" = Entertainment, Amusements, ...


I like "Boffo" (too off target?), "Diversions" (too serious?), and "Mirth" (for sports?).

Kinda disappointing selection.

I relearned "badinage" and "persiflage".

Nike would fit in fun. "Just do it." You'll get used to it.

Bonus: It will stop future asshats from trying to make stupid Einstein quotes trying to be "funny".

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Alright you've helped convince me most of the way, I'll talk it over with d3rr and we might do it here soon

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You sound like me when my head realized climate change was a scam but my heart took many months to convert.

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I like funny. Steam uses funny also.

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Thanks. People seem pretty split. I like funny too, but there are certain things that are actually 'fun' but not 'funny', like a music video for example. I'm really on the fence about it. I guess ideally it'd be "funny/fun" but that's annoying to have both written out I suppose.

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Funsightful even.

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We need a word for this. I bet the Japanese have a word for this, as they've emotionally mapped out more than most.


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I am fan of comments that are both insightful, and funny.

The Simpsons nailed this concept when Homer states, "It's funny, cause it's true.".

Humor bypasses the dogmatic gatekeeper in our brains. Subtle truths from other perspectives can be understood. IMO.

What's not funny. Is when I try to put italics or bold statements in post tiles, and then I get these extra asterisks in the title that I can't delete.

The italics definitely would have added the desired emphasis; it didn't work, and it can't be fixed.

Others may think it's funny, but not me.

That's not funny. ;-)