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Satellite phones do. That is how they work in remote locations where there are no cell towers.

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Found the government shill.

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Are you serious?

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They come onto these subs to spread disinformation and nonsense to discredit the community.

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I completely understand, respect and appreciate what you're saying.

However, as a former NASA enthusiast, I happen to understand thethink that the flat earthers are former space

Flat earthers don't believe that the Earth is actually flat. They recognize that most of what the public has been officially told about space is fake AF; cause it is. Here's one of my favorites. Notice how the camera followed the lander UP as it "blasts off".. I was angry when I realized the hoax, but now it's funny.

Flat earthers have basically decided that TPTB have lied about almost everything, and now only accept info that can be independently verified.

It's very similar to people who don't vote, cause they realize that the system is rigged. Voting is demonstrably rigged by both elected and unelected agencies (not by the Russians).

Flat earthers can be generally trusted to believe only what they can prove, which makes many of their claims more credible than most.

We can learn a lot from their scepticism.

Also, I +3'd your comment, for honorable intention.

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NASA had remotely operated cameras on the rover since apollo 15, controlled by camera operator Ed Fendell at mission control but due to the time delay from earth to moon they had trouble timing the filming of the lift off. They messed up on 15 and 16, finally got it right on 17.

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As recently as the 1990'a live reporting teams needed species vans will had 30 for tall transmission antennas on top, and also towed large trailers which contained generators to power the on-site signal transmission operation. Here's a modern version without the trailer and generator

These systems can only transmit a video signal about 300 miles away.

Do you believe that the technology existed in 1969 to remotely send and receive a signal to a small remote camera 250,000 miles away?

This camera transmission system would also need to have the ability to convert the film from the takeoff into a realtime live video transmission signal, and then transmit this signal 250,000 miles back to Earth.

All of this would need to happen, live and in real time, so that the remote camera operators could control the positioning of the camera, so that the camera could pan up and follow the "lunar lander" as it "launched".

Do you honestly believe that all of this was possible in 1969?

It was impossible at the time.

The lunar missions were all faked.