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not sure if you are serious. they used the on board phones that you can slide a credit card through and make calls. cell phones dont work that high up because they connect to towers on the ground, not directly to satellites.

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Deena Burnet told the feds that she could see the caller ID of her husband's personal cell phone from aboard flight 93.

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Multiple cell phones were placed on the flights. It wasn't just airphones and this is proven via FOIA requested documemts. But it doesn't really matter because the planes that hit the facades of the buildings were reinforced tanker planes painted like passenger jets, following Operation Northwoods documents.

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Nice to see you on saidit Jesus! I have a few questions about the bible and if god ever found his higher cause but it was never explained in the book.

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Phone's don't connect to satellites. Ever.

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Satellite phones do. That is how they work in remote locations where there are no cell towers.

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That's hilarious! (Although, I do agree with OP's assessment).

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Found the government shill.

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Are you serious?

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They come onto these subs to spread disinformation and nonsense to discredit the community.

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I completely understand, respect and appreciate what you're saying.

However, as a former NASA enthusiast, I happen to understand thethink that the flat earthers are former space

Flat earthers don't believe that the Earth is actually flat. They recognize that most of what the public has been officially told about space is fake AF; cause it is. Here's one of my favorites. Notice how the camera followed the lander UP as it "blasts off".. I was angry when I realized the hoax, but now it's funny.

Flat earthers have basically decided that TPTB have lied about almost everything, and now only accept info that can be independently verified.

It's very similar to people who don't vote, cause they realize that the system is rigged. Voting is demonstrably rigged by both elected and unelected agencies (not by the Russians).

Flat earthers can be generally trusted to believe only what they can prove, which makes many of their claims more credible than most.

We can learn a lot from their scepticism.

Also, I +3'd your comment, for honorable intention.

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NASA had remotely operated cameras on the rover since apollo 15, controlled by camera operator Ed Fendell at mission control but due to the time delay from earth to moon they had trouble timing the filming of the lift off. They messed up on 15 and 16, finally got it right on 17.

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As recently as the 1990'a live reporting teams needed species vans will had 30 for tall transmission antennas on top, and also towed large trailers which contained generators to power the on-site signal transmission operation. Here's a modern version without the trailer and generator

These systems can only transmit a video signal about 300 miles away.

Do you believe that the technology existed in 1969 to remotely send and receive a signal to a small remote camera 250,000 miles away?

This camera transmission system would also need to have the ability to convert the film from the takeoff into a realtime live video transmission signal, and then transmit this signal 250,000 miles back to Earth.

All of this would need to happen, live and in real time, so that the remote camera operators could control the positioning of the camera, so that the camera could pan up and follow the "lunar lander" as it "launched".

Do you honestly believe that all of this was possible in 1969?

It was impossible at the time.

The lunar missions were all faked.

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Based on information gathered by pilots for 9/11 truth, the planes were clearly switched with military drones during the simulated hijacking drills.

With that switch many scenarios are possible. And these telephone calls were clearly used to plant a fake story.

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Yes, and this is written in Operatio nNorthwoods. Likely two of the planes jsut flew to their predetermined destinations and they changed the tail numbers, or they were filled with participants and mock vicsims, which is presented in the Operation Northwoods document. They would switch transponders and then fly to an undisclosed military base. The participants would then be paid off and get aliases. They proposed this in the 1960's, they probably did it on 9/11.

The telephone calls seem fake too. Yes, I believe they are a psyop within a psyop. There are many anomalies in the calls. If we take into account the declassified Northwoods document, then everything makes sense.

The only problem with this argument is that people just cannot believe that 100+ people could be in on a psyop and fkae their deaths. Clearly, they were going to do it in the 60's. SO, why not in 2001. You'd be surprised what people will do for millions of dollars. You get a comfy life, or you expose your participation and are killed.

Plus, they can just create people from thin air and say they died. They have an industry which creates characters from other people. There is so much photoshop and anomalies in the photos of the alleged passengers.

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people just cannot believe that 100+ people could be in on a psyop and fake their deaths

Would you fake your death for a billion and/or avoiding jail-time?

I have no clue what happened to the passengers. Have you? Were they seen again? Like the "hijackers" that still walked around?

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Probably not, but I know who would. Letsrollforums has proof that many of the famiyl members of teh alleged passengers, some of who were dirt poor are now millionaires. They even found one who is using an aliaes and he looks exactly like the vicsim.

If we go by Operation Northwoods documents, then we know what happened to the passengers, they were not killed but carefully selected participants.

They might not have even been any passengers to begin with. What is odd, is the very low numeber of passengers allegedly in each passenger jet. I mean this operation, really only needed 200 people to participate in this deception, and it could have been compartmentalized so they didn't know what was really going on.

Here, this is a good read:

Also, Alcie Hoagland was clearly lying about her son who allegedly died on UA93. She was laughing it up on TV the day of.

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Also the planes also were found again, according to some.
It might be nice to have some more research into that. I'll check the link soon.

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What I don't like about Davidsson is her lies about Silverstein and those involved in the demolition deception of 9/11. he seems to want to cover up any Jewish involvement in the attacks. Odd, but his book is good.

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This is my understanding, as well.