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As recently as the 1990'a live reporting teams needed species vans will had 30 for tall transmission antennas on top, and also towed large trailers which contained generators to power the on-site signal transmission operation. Here's a modern version without the trailer and generator

These systems can only transmit a video signal about 300 miles away.

Do you believe that the technology existed in 1969 to remotely send and receive a signal to a small remote camera 250,000 miles away?

This camera transmission system would also need to have the ability to convert the film from the takeoff into a realtime live video transmission signal, and then transmit this signal 250,000 miles back to Earth.

All of this would need to happen, live and in real time, so that the remote camera operators could control the positioning of the camera, so that the camera could pan up and follow the "lunar lander" as it "launched".

Do you honestly believe that all of this was possible in 1969?

It was impossible at the time.

The lunar missions were all faked.