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This is from over one year ago. Is this real news, or is this made up? I can't tell.

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It's real.

I posted it because I hadn't heard that the family knew that Seth Rich was going to send the email to Wikileaks.

I've tried to follow this closely, so I'm pretty sure most others haven't heard this info.

I realize it is dated, but it was censored. The DNC did a good job covering this up. I had to look pretty hard to find it.

This is legit.

Related censored material:.

KimDotCom Goes Public with New Info on Seth Rich’s Death, Could Blow Entire Case Wide Open! February 24, 2018

Lawsuits Filed By Seth Rich’s Family Dismissed By Federal Judge – PLUS More Breaking News On Seth Rich. August 3, 2018

It looks like the DNC got away with murder. :-(