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Let me make myself more clear: Infrared Views of contrails is a good indicator of water content.

So, I know that these trails were sprayed 2-3 hours BEFORE the event started at 9:00am.

SWIR- Short Wave Infrared Satellite imaging, measures the light reflected and converts that light into color coordinated images.

white = Water Vapor

Pink = Ice Crystals

Red = Snow

Black = Standing water (Oceans, Lakes, etc.)

Green = Vegetation

When I zoomed into this specific image, 2 types of clouds are pictured, ice crystal clouds, near Boston and water vapor clouds, out in the Atlantic.

SWIR imaging show the ice crystals in pink very clearly and the water vapor is very defined. I ask you to try this out also!

Now, I found some contrails about 400 miles west of Sandy Hook, clearly visble ice crystals, but zero water vapor? There are clouds to the north, depicting water vapor, but we only see ice crystals in these contrails. So, these contrails have ice crystals, which is proven via SWIR.

When I went back to the sandy Hook trails, they do not match the other contrails. They have no visible water vapor, but they also have almost no visible ice particles apart from one smaller trail that appears to be from a real commercial airliner, unlike the others.

In conclusion, the US Govt, spent our money to create a smokescreen of sorts at around sunrise BEFORE the event, why?

To prevent all satellite imagery from seeing the shooters route, any stops made, who came out of mom's house, how many people got out of the car with 4 doors open to allegedly kill kids. All of this was kept hidden by the US Govt.

The Governments of the world have HD resolution satellite imagery, that can see the face of a dime. I have proven, at least to my self that these are not common contrails from commercial or cargo jets.

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Where are your overlays? You talk about what you did but you have no picture proof. You have 1 picture and Blah blah blah and no slide show.

This is "Alex Jones" level: 'They are turning the frogs Gay' hogwash unless you can back up your pictures with official time stamps. and I refuse - REFUSE - to believe no planes were flying in that airspace at that time. there are on average 87,000 flights a day in the US and you see the HUGE body of water Right There In the Picture??? Perfect for contrails! So you called somebody someplace and they refused to give information on flights? Seems normal for post 9/11 to me. But to say there were NO FLIGHTS AT ALL?? Bullshit. That is HUNDREDS of square miles in that picture, HUNDREDS!! And this is Long Island, and New Freaking York for the love of god this is one of the biggest Hubs on the Planet and you have the NERVE to tell me there were NO PLANES IN THE AREA??



Listen: I try not to say that that conspiracy theorists are kooks - because I know that there are bad people doing bad things out there, but I dont buy it. I mean that is a nice wall of text with a lot of information that tells me a bunch of stuff I dont believe. At this time.

What I believe is there was a kid that was disturbed and it looks like he was neglected and given whatever he wanted by his parents.

What I believe is that we dont treat mental illness in this country.

What I believe is that we ignore kids who are bullied in school.

What I believe is that we dont work together in communities and as families any more and it is easier than ever to become isolated.

Sandy hook was tragic, but no contrails are going to tell me that it was done by the government. There were no child actors.

People died and parents lost their kids and that is a horrible fact. Super Submarines, super planes, drones, assassinations, secret societies - Im positive they exist. This sandy Hook conspiracy shit was made up so Alex Jones could sell fake medicine and sunglasses on his shitty show.

Thats it.

It was about Alex Jones using an opportunity to make money and you bought it.

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I'm no Alex Jones fan, but his gay frogs thing is not entirely baseless nonsense:

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