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Where are your overlays? You talk about what you did but you have no picture proof. You have 1 picture and Blah blah blah and no slide show.

This is "Alex Jones" level: 'They are turning the frogs Gay' hogwash unless you can back up your pictures with official time stamps. and I refuse - REFUSE - to believe no planes were flying in that airspace at that time. there are on average 87,000 flights a day in the US and you see the HUGE body of water Right There In the Picture??? Perfect for contrails! So you called somebody someplace and they refused to give information on flights? Seems normal for post 9/11 to me. But to say there were NO FLIGHTS AT ALL?? Bullshit. That is HUNDREDS of square miles in that picture, HUNDREDS!! And this is Long Island, and New Freaking York for the love of god this is one of the biggest Hubs on the Planet and you have the NERVE to tell me there were NO PLANES IN THE AREA??



Listen: I try not to say that that conspiracy theorists are kooks - because I know that there are bad people doing bad things out there, but I dont buy it. I mean that is a nice wall of text with a lot of information that tells me a bunch of stuff I dont believe. At this time.

What I believe is there was a kid that was disturbed and it looks like he was neglected and given whatever he wanted by his parents.

What I believe is that we dont treat mental illness in this country.

What I believe is that we ignore kids who are bullied in school.

What I believe is that we dont work together in communities and as families any more and it is easier than ever to become isolated.

Sandy hook was tragic, but no contrails are going to tell me that it was done by the government. There were no child actors.

People died and parents lost their kids and that is a horrible fact. Super Submarines, super planes, drones, assassinations, secret societies - Im positive they exist. This sandy Hook conspiracy shit was made up so Alex Jones could sell fake medicine and sunglasses on his shitty show.

Thats it.

It was about Alex Jones using an opportunity to make money and you bought it.

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I'm no Alex Jones fan, but his gay frogs thing is not entirely baseless nonsense:

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Frogs are amphibians that can change sex when the environment needs them to. and are not exactly the brightest of critters on the planet. I understand that chemicals can mess with that process. Turning the frogs gay - whatever. Fucking them up entirely? Completely possible.

More Science!!

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Atrazine turns male frogs into hermaphrodites.

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I have them saved locally. I'll have to upload them. All this research was done years ago. You're welcome to do it too. Use the free NASA imagery with SWIR which isn't free but inexpensive.

This is "Alex Jones" level: 'They are turning the frogs Gay'


No, it's not. Guess what, astrazine does change the reproduction organs of frogs. It's beeen proven scientifically. Jones just asked like the discreditor he is by screaming things to discredit truth.

You're welcome to research it yourself. I did this for three years, on and off. Yes, planes flew that day but not normal commerical or cargo planes. Traffic data confirms this. Just use the programs and you'll see I'm telling the truth. I'll upload the other images and videos later.

You understand all my videos on YouTube have been deleted. I can't even upload them without them being banned before they're posted. _____ Alex ZIONIST Jones is a plant, gatekeeper. The entire sham lawsuit was a scam. Every real truth seeker knows this.

The forst thing someone thinks whenbit comes to Sandy Hook is Alex Zionist Jones who is a gatekeeper. His goal is to discredit truth with his multi million dollar radio show. Hence, why he gets free reign on CNN and the BBC.

Sandy Hook is full of anomalies. The script was weitten by the defunct Obsidian company stationed neaea the white house. It was a FEMA capstone drill. They planned it back in 2008 when DHS and FEMA conducted thr same drill back in 2008 at the same firehouse.

The kids all were stationed at another school 15 miles away, where thr food was being sent to in Monroe CT, well before the event. This school was empty in 2011. In early 2012 they all moved to this school. There's been people who have told me that they would park at the school every week in 2012 for lunch and it was closed. It was closed because of asbestos.

They planned it. They garnered 200 million dollars, built a new school in its place whoch was planned beforehand, and all thr GE family members who lived around the school paid the town 15+ million to demolition it. It was one of thr worst, most obvious psyops to date and Jones made it even more obvious with his poor acting skills.

They've conducted dozens of more of these psyops over the years. And many people say it is anti-gun lobbies who conduct these psyops. In my research, it is thr exact opposite. Many of the industries that fund these events are pro-gun and defense contractors like Obsidian. 90% of the domestic effort in propaganda is psychological operations, staged events, passed off as real.

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There were planes, but not cargo or commercial jets following these particular trail patterns. I have researched this for years. I looked at 5,000 photos. The SWIR data shows that these are not mormal contrails.

Nobody died at Sandy Hook. It was the most obvious psyop to date. And right at the helm of the Smith Mumdt Modernization act of 2012, legally allowing domestic psyop.

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Why are you going on a weird rant like this?

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Weird rant? What is so weird about pointing out flagrant bullshit?

What is weird is that people dont crack open a book and try to understand the world we live in that show Contrails are a natural phenomenon that can be recreated anytime by anybody that goes up high enough in a aeroplane.

What is weird about trying to call out misinformation?