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That whole thing reads like a bad dream and is terrifying.

You know those movies you see where some gestapo guy interrogate the protagonist and the whole scene is tense and dark and fucked up and you say

"Thank GOD I'm American and they can't do that to us"

Well. Those days are over. We are now Them

If we stay under Trump we will Ally our self with China, Russia and North Korea and become an Axis Power.

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Trump is the first president in awhile to focus on the US at the expense of China and Russia.

It just shows how much Americans take for granted their rights as US citizens. People have to be idiotic to think their rights cross borders.

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Did you read the article? like at all? Or did you just glance at it and decide to just blow it out your ass? This didn't happen "Across somebody else's borders" It happened here. Once upon a time we didn't treat our citizens like this. Not without Just Cause.

That shit might happen all the time where you come from. We are use to having rights. It even mentions this in the above article that you didn't read.

If it weren't for congress, Trump would have lifted all the sanctions on Russia. That Traitorous Dog is in their Pocket

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Special for you:

You keep on a cukin' there buddy - I'm going to try to fight for our liberties back.

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Wow, a conspiracy theorist. Hey, did you check under your bed for Russians last night? They can be anywhere!

I heard they found Hillary's cell phone smashing hammer in Putin's basement!

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You are lazy. You don't read things. You have no patience and because of that, you aren't worth talking to. live a few more years, then see if you think I'm full of conspiracies. I shouldn't have wasted my time even writing this little.

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Well if it helps you learn the value of brevity then I did a good job.

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Well, I guess I cant argue with that. I mean - I want to. But that's pretty solid.


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