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What is the deal with you people and your 10,000 word posts? You make good points, but for fucks sake teach yourself how to write persuasively. It's exhausting to try to read through all of this. Break it up into pieces.

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How about you just read it, and stop complaining. It's not that long. I'm pretty sure you posted the very same comment on another one of my posts awhile back.

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Learn to write, take some online courses. Nobody is going to read your 10,000 word post. Break it up. Learn about persuasion. Get busy, because you're wasting your time with long-windedness.

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You'e just lazy and won't read it. That's fine, have you ever read a book before? It would take 5 minutes out of your day to read it. And you were the same one who posted the very same comment on another one of my posts because it was too long for you to read.

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So what should I take out then? The part about the New Pearl Harbor? Maybe the part about the Transformative event?

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I'm not Chipit, and he was being kinda rude, but you could just cut it in to pieces each with a smaller focus. I have the same problem when I write, I just want to write an entire book chapter and it all comes out in one long piece. I've found that if you can put forward an 8-paragraph piece, it gets better reception than one that's 30+ paragraphs. Plus it makes for more focused conversations in the comments below the piece.

That said, I have no problem with your long pieces, they're very high quality. But if your goal is maximum readership, publishing in 6 to 8 paragraph chunks might work for you the best.

For instance, I've put out about 200 articles over the years probably. If you look at the ones that did best here:

Looking at the self-posts, you can see they're all about a similar length. 5-8 paragraphs, with many paragraphs being quite short, maybe just a sentence or two. I think this is the maximum effective length for a "long form" post, in my experience. So you could break this OP post in to 3 posts in some word document, then each day publish just 1 part. You'd probably get way more readership, your ideas would have a wider audience, and it would take not much more work on your part.

Anyway, just some ideas about writing tactics. I like your writing a lot though, you could change nothing and I'd still be happy, personally. :)

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Maybe I'll do parts in different posts.

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Cheers. Just trying to help, from one writer to another.