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The Esalin Institute. I knew I had heard it somewhere

u/Entropick - this is the same organization that Lee Holden guy is involved in.

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OK great catch and find! I did see your comment but thought to myself, "that can't be, this regular dude?" But you are correct, very interesting.

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I was very skeptical like you when I first started listening but what he was saying clicked with what I knew. That channel has various people who some would call antisemitic but they see Zionism as a clear danger to a way of life they would like to continue. They see the difference between antisemitism and anti-Zionism and know we have to be more aware of what Zionists are doing so we can resist them.

The talk show I posted about the Bridge and Road Initiative talks about a cabal of Bibi, Putin, and Xi working together to marginalize or eradicate those of us who would like to resist them. Plus Bibi is getting Western media to play down the threat. I hope that is the last time I explain why I am anti-Zionist. But, yes, I think it is a good channel to support or at least follow.

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Yes, it's in Big Sur, not far south of San Francisco. Many years ago I got invited there for the famous hot tubs on cliffs above the surf but didn't know I'd be expected to get naked in mixed company. Yaosuh! It was my first time. The presenter (of Joe Rogan Exposed) did a whole lot of research and I hope he's not just hot-dogging us. I don't think he is. He made a lot of different things fall into place, eh?

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I had heard Jay Dyer mention Esalin before - as well as I think, Josh Reeves... rarely talked about, similar to Tavistock or Laurel Canyon.

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I'm listening to Jay Dyer right now. Esalen was one of their think tanks for sure. We're starting to make connections. Tavistock was at Stanford, not very far at all from Esalen. Both are about an hour from San Francisco. And Hunter S. Thompson worked for Esalen way back. That little factoid is on the website. I guess they helped create the Haight-Ashbury and the Summer of Love.