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ok, edit, now that I watched it I see that he painted the twin towers in this episode.
so it is relevant and not as strange as I first thought. lol

edit 2: everyone should take some time to watch Bob Ross

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Bob Ross' "The Joy of Paining", was an inside job!!!

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Happy Little Trees did 9/11

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Remember that JouTube is owned by Google and the CIA fronted some of the money to help start both of them. Need I say that the CIA likes to be in control of everything, especially disinformation?

YouTube apparently has softcore child porn that can be accessed fairly easily if you know how. Why are the powerful around the world so interested in children? That's a hypothetical question.

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truthfully I am surprised it took google and youtube so long to start censoring so much. For many years a lot of painful conspiracy facts were spread. I guess first they wanted to hook people in. Now though as it sucks views and clicks will decline.

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I guess first they wanted to hook people in.

Censorship costs money, and they didn't have pressure to. That's why the other, worse videos are still up.

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And have you noticed that sites like BitChute, not previously the pride of the Internet, are now getting some quality content? More and more people will be leaving YouTube so someone will be busy censoring everything.

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Bitchute is a honeypot. Wireshark tells it allZ

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yeah it often happens. facebook benefitted when myspace started to suck. reddit benefited when digg started to suck. then the new places censor more and people move to something else. However I think this can't go on forever as the internet is centralized. I member a time when reddit was heavily criticized for shit ellen chao did so that was a good time for voat to take over but at that same time it got DDOS'd so people tried to go there and saw the website didn't work, never went back and it's dead ot this day.

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Is no one going to ask?

Why are you watching this?

(Actually, I have at least a half dozen paintings I should finish.)

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It's Bob Ross.

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I know. I used to watch him when I was 10.

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9/11 was orchestrated by off the radar factions within mossad and planned by the Israeli government, the CIA, FBI higherups, pro-Israel dual citizenship zionists in the DoD, other private corporate entiries like PTEC, Los AlmosLab, Pakistani intelligence, Saidi intelligence, even Russian intelligence. Austriam art students also had a hand.