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I've heard about this before. Supposedly, according to the Bible, there's only water above in the sky, and rain, thunder and lighting are a result of God manipulating the electromagnetic field above and causing the water to fall down.

There's no way to tell exactly what the Sun and the Moon are either. It's an interesting theory, there's a lot of hoaxes involving the NASA so I honestly can't be sure of anything at this point.

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The "NASA hoax" crap was started by a huckster who made a living off of gullible people willing to buy his BS.

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Anybody who relies on mythology to shape their worldview as if it's fact, is a complete dumbass.

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Flat earth is a conspiracy to make all other conspiracy theorists look stupid

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That’s what they tell you. Instead of providing evidence to the contrary. I can’t conclusively prove the case either way, but only one side descends into spitting bug eyed ranting at every opportunity.

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The case has been proved, conclusively, but it is only proved for people who are willing to or able to use their brains for actual thinking.

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Does he know the Bible has been translated several times?

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Since he refers to the original texts throughout, I’d say: yes, yes he does.

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Original texts? We have no original texts.

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True, I should’ve said ‘previous copies’ of the texts in Greek, or texts in the original language of scripture: Hebrew.

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So you mean, not the king James one?

Do you mean the tora?

From what I understand, the Bible was re written, and then destroyed. There are no original copies left.

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The torah is pretty much the same as the old testament; that and all or most of the new testament were originally written in Hebrew. The whole lot was later translated into Greek and eventually into various other languages.

After the natural degrading of paper and parchment over time, and the fanatical book burnings of Rome, Judiasm, and Islam, there are still a remarkable number of fragments of multi-thousand year old texts in existance. These together with the science of textual analysis mean that we have a very good idea of what the originals contained.

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I would enjoy reading a larger discussion about this.