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Here we go with the "if you don't buy what I'm selling it's because you don't understand" shit.

Infinite is literally the opposite of finite. If you need a word for a number that perpetually grows then invent a name for it. You don't get to claim that infinity means something other than the opposite of finite just because you painted yourself into a corner.

Secondly, if I count by 10s my number grows faster than if I count by fractions. But fractions have more components. The latter grows slower because it has more cardinality. Yet another contradiction in your convoluted religion that pretends to be math but never corrects any of the mistakes that have accumulated from centuries of arrogant blowhards playing a game of "yes and". Perpetually trying to invent the next thing without disturbing the house of cards that is the tower of everyone else's "next thing" upon which you all perch.

Modern math is the epitome of pseudo intellectualism.

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Mathematic is just a model to describe the physical world. It is quite accurate.

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If there is one thing string theory isn't it's a description of the physical world. It has failed to ever create a prediction or testable explanation of anything.

Your link does not support your claim at all.

What they did is not really math. You can't cut out a portion of an equation and claim it is the result of the whole. That's just not math.

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The video doesn't explain why this is useful, it just show that infinite isn't something well understood. These are valid math equation.

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isn't something well understood.

In the same way God isn't well understood and some people make up all kinds of things about him that most likely aren't true.

So, like I said, it's a religion.