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People never had that ability in the first place. Getting to the truth requires a combination of factors, including:

  • Looking at all sides of the argument

  • Using logic

  • Understanding the science/politics

  • Understanding disinformation techniques by the government (character assassination, limited hangout, false testimonies, mass astroturfing, etc.)

  • Reading everything (conducting a literature review)

  • Personal or on-the-ground experience/research

  • Pattern analysis

  • Being open-minded, but at the same time requiring extensive proof for large claims

  • Understanding that hearsay or an unsourced article/opinion is a weak reference. Assessment of individuals is required to judge the reliability of testimonial evidence

  • Searching the primary source for every controversial claim and judging the reliability of that primary source

Most of the population won't look past a meme.

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Fact checkers never lie, right? Media never ever lies, surely?