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My own belief is that the conditions of the camps actually lasted until 1944, probably until the allies started heavily attacking the supply lines despite the protests of the Red Cross, which if true, pretty much destroys all the mainstream and revisionist Holocaust narratives. Depending on how low the true kill count really is, not only would the Germans be able to get rid of the Shoa milk cow industry but even character assassinate the Jews...

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Excellent post. For those reading who don't already know those things...please take a moment and check out some of the links above provided by u/HibikiBlack

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One of the reasons why I'm confident of the claims is that Himmler gave orders to preserve the lives at those camps as a priority. I have reasons to believe that Himmler was far more powerful than Hitler himself.

I'll have to go back and read the German files all over again, I haven't checked them in years but I'll try to trace back either Himmler's orders or the German deportation attempts all the way to 1944. If I manage to do that, then it would be a fatal blow to all the Holocaust narratives and the only way of proving who is correct at that point would be with the forensic evidence.

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I think it was just that Himmler was more hands on regarding the jew situation.