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Dr. Fuellmich ​is a giant slayer. ​

Now we'll get to witness how corrupt the courts are.

​ ​ ​Although, the corrupt judges and defense attorneys won't be thrilled to learn they weren't in the experimental control group.

​ Deceptively injecting experimental who-knows-what's-in-it into your defense team has probably never been done before.
Never heard of it, which might also mean it's fool proof.
Prolly not though, cause that's a lot of pieces to juggle. ​ ​ Unfortunately, the reach of the law probably won't extend beyond the CEO/Boardmember level.
​ ​ ​ The roots of the issues are the hidden leadership who set the agendas for the WEF, and the like.

​ The unaccountable wealthy who's names we don't know, because they made the billionaires who created the untaxed and unaccountable international NGO's.
​ ​

​ ​ However, we know they exist at this point. And we can prosecute people who know their names.
​ ​ ​ These people are all in.
It will probably become SA all across the United States, and Europe.
Which is probably why DC is fenced in. ​ ​

​ Here's the Nexus of the courts and the conspiracy.

We know about COVID, but it was planned to be WW3.
UNIMAGINABLE in the literal sense.

Skipping introductions:.


Edit: TLDR

  • NATO planned simultaneous drills across Europe in 36 major cities.
  • Just after the world military games in Wuhan china.
  • Days after Event 201.
  • including the Rotterdam port to knock out food logistics, and a nuclear power plant in Sweden.
  • IIRC: Israeli embassies around the world went on strike

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good summary of Ole's theory, thanks!