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    You know that you're and "Americans" bot when you are a Saiditor for 3 hours and have multiple comments with the word Americans in all of them in disparaging context.

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    your ENTIRE 4 hour post history is disparaging America. FUCK YOU!

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    It's the Americans Bot again. It would be fine if he attacked the US; as in, US corporation but no... he attacks America and Americans i.e., the land and those who live in it.

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    "Americans" don't say anything. I am an American and I say we have a jew infestation like all western countries. And I don't mean too many jewlers, lawyers, and porn producers. I am talking about in government specifically. When Congress has sitting members who have dual citizenship the country is lost. They are dismantling and selling off this country piece by piece like a shyster buys a business and sells off all the assets piece by piece because they are more valuable that way.