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The US has significant military influence in many countries and it uses a lot of money in order to continue the fightings so I thought about sharing this.

The US war on terror has cost at least $5 trillion and significantly increased terrorism. I think we should keep this in mind considering how it has factually helped ISIS.

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Exactly. This needs to be said over and over and over until everyone sees it and it stops. It's perhaps the largest farce/tragedy of this era in humanity. Literally brainwashing billions and killing millions to make trillions. It's sick beyond sick.

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False wars on False pretenses leads to a false societal sense of security with false leaders in false positions of power. Follow the money.

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This isn't even a conspiracy theory - we all know the US funds terrorist groups to destabilize regions. Who pitted the Sunnis and the Shia against one another in the middle east? Who toppled governments over and over again from Iran to Chile to others? Who actively funds, arms and retains Al-Saud in Saudi Arabia, which has the biggest propaganda campaign that spreads terror?

Wasn't it Hillary who said (paraphrasing) "Let us get the Muslims to fight each other so Israel & allies could benefit"? The only countries that stood in the way of Israel - Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt - were permanently wrecked. Israel broke 65 UN resolutions. Iraq broke two, one of them turned out to be false.
Guess which one was invaded & its population slaughtered, and which one gets free handouts.

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Who pitted the Sunnis and the Shia against one another in the middle east?

That's an interesting question. I truly do not know enough about the cultures and their history.

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There's always been rivalry, but nowhere near what it is today.

I would say it is Al-Saud who were propped up by the West. They spread their own version of Islam: Wahhabism. "It has been variously described as "ultraconservative", "austere", "fundamentalist", or "puritan(ical)".

All fundamentalist groups, like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, follow that sect.

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And people wonder where we could possible get enough money to pay police officers enough.

Or where we could get the money to provide cheap/free college.