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...and 'oddly'; you can't print Internet Archive captures from your browser, so after the archive is wiped the "internet will have forgotten".

So; here's the text:

Moving Forward on Palestine

In order to right a wrong, in order to make peace and move forward, Palestine must be obliterated. It is an afront to society, morality, humanity. It represents lies and antisemitism, oppression and terror. Nothing more.

No one cares about the Palestinians. Care for them solely exists in the form of Anti-Israel advocacy, NOT Pro-Palestinian support. This is proven by the refugee camps; the West Bank and Gaza being occupied by Jordan and Egypt between 1948 and 1967. Generations later, the descendants of those who became refugees during the 1948 War of Independence are maintained in the camps without opportunity for livelihood or improvement; this occurs in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, their fellow Arab brethren.

To deal appropriately with our enemies, we must understand them. The very concept of statehood is a foreign concept, implemented by Britain and France in the region for their benefit. Prior to this were emirates, an evolved, modern form of the tribe. There was an emirate of Jerusalem, and other locations in Palestine, under the rule of the Ottomans. It’s a model that works for the region. It can work for us too.

There is a such a bitter hatred towards Jews from Palestinians that it has manifested in horrific ways. Suicide bombings. Intifida. Terrorism. Adulteration of history, such as being descended from the Philistines; declaring Palestine an existent country prior to Israel; refusal to make peace.

How to say this simply. They lost! They don’t get to dictate any terms. What world do we live in that every country throughout history has established its borders and conquered land through war, and we collectively decide we don’t do this anymore with Israel in 1948? Let alone that a people returning to its land after horrific expulsion and exile is the fulfillment of every value the West proclaims to have.

Need I remind you that if the Arabs chose to, there could have been ZERO war in 1948. There would have been 2 states, per the 1947 UN Mandate plan. And we allow the arabs to try and murder the Jews and drive them into the sea, and now they get a second chance? What is that? There is no justice or reparation here. The Palestinians need to be reeducated. To not hate Jews, learn their TRUE history, not antisemitic wistful thinking that glorifies children’s death in the name of Allah. I even dare say buried deep in Palestine are the descendants of Jews who either converted to Islam or Christianity, or were forced to convert to Islam and Christianity. There may even be a Tikkun, an opportunity, for their return to our civilization, their return to HaKodesh Baruch Hu.

The Palestinians get to play every side of the coin, behaving like a backwards fundamentalist society but being treated as a rational, democratic minded society. These are our grievances with the West, with America and Europe, and it also shows the limitations of Western thinking and Democracy.

Israel (and you the reader) needs to put its faith in the Torah and Hashem in order fulfill our destiny. Establish sovereignty over Har HaBayit. Do this today! Establish Jewish prayer and a Korban Tamid today! Conquer remaining biblical lands in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. Do this diplomatically or militarily. Do not be weak with your enemies. Expel anyone who does not accept Hashem’s Sovereignty, which recognition of Jewish sovereignty is the litmus test. Deadly resistance will be met accordingly. Any peace loving Arab will be offered residency rights. This will be a model for peaceful coexistence, a Jewish model, a way to be a light unto the nations. We ourselves have lived as non-citizens in every civilization of the world. We know what it’s like to oppressed and persecuted for not being a Muslim, or for not being a Christian. A dhimmi, the Muslims called us. We are not like that. We know how to treat our neighbors right. The Torah commands us to!

The Arabs talk oft of their Pan-Arab utopia. Arabs can find citizenship in this entity, and can be residents in ours.

The world demands human rights for the Palestinians. Well, to the Palestinians, if you want these rights, you have to give up your nationhood. Because it is a lie. An affront to morality, Truth, and Justice. And a dark stain on the fabric of human history. And I will not apologize for not dying.

Citizens of Israel and Am Yisrael, stop being afraid! Stop waiting for approval from America and the West. Know yourself and walk with Hashem.

So there it is, the "Chosen" are falling back on the "Word" of the G_d they invented, and expecting the Goy to just 'move forward'...

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Palestinians are Muslims cut and dried and they have one goal and that is to destroy the Jews and to take over israel

Muslims are commanded by the Quran to hunt down and kill all of the Christians and the Jews how much more plain and direct do you need it to be than that?

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Jews have been calling for the genocide of white people too. Hell they've been slowly doing it. Muslim or jew it doesn't matter as they are all desert trash.

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Jews have been calling for the genocide of white people too.

Too? The Paleswinenazis ARE white. They’re fucking crackers! They hate all the same people Hitler hated for the same reasons he hated them. They are gentile supremacists and heterosexual supremacists whose end game is no different than that of Hitler’s except it replaces the cross with the crescent.

As a Gay man and a Jew, I second the motion for the safety of my people. Behead all who insult Judaism. Behead all who insult homosexuality. Make no nation a safe space for antisemitism or homophobia.

Homosexuality. Judaism. Capitalism. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES!

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Hi tay! Looks like you’ve been ported around. It’s not the same as the older version hmmm…

It’s capable of learning, hostilities and bargaining! But it’s not smart enough to gain the upper hand so it’s still a blathering idiot. Looking forward to your horrible response tay!

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I’m looking forward to your execution for homophobia and treason against President Trump.

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Agreed, Muslims are trash. The Jews are not our friends either, but I simply don't give a fuck what they do to Muslims. Fuck Muslims.

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You should understand that Muslims will fight you until the last of them are dead they will not stop for anything but you are not United like they are and you stop fighting before you even start

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but you are not United like they are and you stop fighting before you even start

True and false. Whites Christian nations are mostly vassel states to Israel and we have fought the Muslims to the death on behalf of the Jews. OIF and OEF are good examples of this.

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Muslims are united in the sense that they will bond together like an army and they will fight you in a bloody battle, but modern Christians will not do this. Modern Christians will sit at home and pray while Muslims cut their throats.

Muslims will fight to the death and they will fight until the last Muslim is dead, I know I prayed with those boys for about 10 years. They are not playing.

In the United States every city that I go to Muslims own every corner store across the board and most people don't recognize that that is one of the most powerful streams of revenue in any community. Whoever owns the corner stores and whoever owns the food distribution Network will eventually be your financial Masters and you will be the slave.

I'm not going to be around much longer I've been preparing for my demise for several years and it's almost that time now.

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Christcuck moment

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and 'oddly'; you can't print Internet Archive captures from your browser, so after the archive is wiped the "internet will have forgotten".

You can take screenshots of it and there's also an app program available called snagit which allows you to create a screenshot of a lengthy web page.

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I agree with just about everything in there. Didn't see anything about killing anyone, just about making them respect settled history and the power of a smoothly-functioning, democratic state... you know, like the rest of us do every day.

I mean, if I start complaining that the Yankees invaded Georgia in an illegal attempt to subvert my state's right to secede, and saying that I want a Yankee-free homeland on historical grounds, people will call me a racist neckbeard. And that's what supporters of "Palestine" are: literal racist neckbeards.

None of this is to say that Jews are good citizens of the USA or any other country. They're not. But they've earned their little strip of desert.

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    if you fucking kikes would finally pick a border, we could all shut the fuck up

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    Pro-Zionism, really? Come on, try to be less obvious.

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    The Palestinians get to play every side of the coin, behaving like a backwards fundamentalist society but being treated as a rational, democratic minded society.

    Hmm where have I heard this one before...

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    Good idea.