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Nice where do I sign to send these chinks in my nation?

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Saidit is not registered with Rozkomnadzor.

This means that you can get an early start on following the ruzzian way, by deleting your account here and never coming back.

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Seethe and dilate.

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Bro I'm not angry at you I'm literally telling you. There exists a government agency called Rozkomnadzor which regulates communications technology. If you want to run a site like saidit behind the russian firewall, the admins will need to register with Rozkomnadzor.

So if you want to sign up for the true russian experience of living behind the firewall...then you need to start getting into the habit of not visiting unregistered websites

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Russia is what the LGBT mafia wants for America.

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You just suggested that LGBT people want to impose ruzzia in America.

Under the law which Putin signed last December which extends criminal penalties for all statements which aren't clearly negative about LGBT people, you just got fined 400,000 rubles ($6,370).

If you're speaking as a commercial entity, your post could be fined 4 million rubles ($64k).

In addition, even jokingly, you just disparaged the ruzzian state organs who enforce the anti LGBT laws. Those state services are participants in the SMO. By disparaging a participant in the SMO, you just risked a 15 year prison sentence.

The ruzzian censorship laws are no joke. You have to be very careful about expressing your thoughts even in private so as no to risk being tipped off to the authorities.

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Based Putin

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You think I want Russia's authoritarian bullshit? I just want one authoritarian to kick the shit out of another authoritarian.

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I hope the UK gets nuked first.

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you just got fined 400,000 rubles ($6,370).

That's okay. According to NATO and Ukraine, by April June September December 2022 February April 2023 that will only be worth US$0.10.

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So censorship is okay because some other nationality people made a bad financial prediction.

Are you in the right sub? Is it okay for a government to censor you, with just the excuse "well some foreigners made a bad prediction recently, so it's okay for the government to muzzle people and chill open speech"

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The source for this is literally a Ukrainian propagandist. It may or may not be true, or accurate. Sadly, most governments are anti-free speech and pro-censorship.

This goes especially for Ukraine (which has banned opposition political parties, independent media and churches) and the US (which is trying to set up the most invasive attack on media freedom in history). So yet again, whenever Ukraine says "Russia is doing this terrible thing!" what they really mean is "We're doing this terrible thing, but look at this distraction!"

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You're wrong. You only think these things because you didn't do the requisite 60 seconds work in Google translate

Go to yandex dot ru

Search for Китая брандмауэр Новости

Here are some links for you

A group of 40 Chinese cybersecurity officers arrived in the capital

registration certificate No. 04-NA dated February 21, 2017, issued by Roskomnadzor

China will install cybersecurity systems in a number of Russian cities

Joint Stock Company "Positive Technologies", location address 107241, Moscow

I am sure if they are repeating Ukrainian propaganda then the authorities will deal with it, because in ruzzia fake news is a crime, unlike wherever you are

You're a useful idiot for their fake worldview, because you don't know how to spend - just a few minutes - verifying the allegations which don't align to your bs

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Here are some links for you

Thanks, but it is still speculation being filtered through biased sources, ultimately all coming from Octagon.

Your first link says "It may be about jointly preparing the full YouTube blocking in Russia" -- or maybe nothing to do with that.

In any case, I'm pretty sure the internet has been a noble but flawed experiment that has enabled the globalists and green-haired woke to conquer the social world, after which they immediately handed control over to the three-letter agencies. I miss the internet of 2000, but it is being censored everywhere in the world so Russia is hardly alone.

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The original source which other media republished/rewrote is (see google-translated link above), which is indeed a bit shady (it's Russian though, and seems to be not really oppositional).