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There's too few people here for anyone to care about us. Back when the rather large Ice Poseidon 2 fanclub was here though, Magnora7 had to ban them or get dropped from hosting, and he banned them.

Only place I know where the admin will actually fight for free speech is, and it seems like pretty much a full time pain in the ass.

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The level of discourse and the amount of censorship only continues to get worse as time goes on at the other sites. It's incredible how quickly reddit changed in terms of content and how info just get censored on such a blatant fashion over there. Makes me think this place is really worth defending, as much as people may think that there's only darkness ahead.

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It's always darkest before the dawn. I am very grateful that Saidit exists, although I feel like putting effort in here is pointless. Our contributions do not seem appreciated by management. And it's whatevs, but it doesn't inspire me to want to put time in for the benefit of the site, only for my own pleasure.

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You are telling me? Just hang in there dude, I'm not saying this to be naively optimisitc but rather I'm sure there's more things that are in store for us as long as we keep resisting in good faith.

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  1. What's Ice Poseidon 2?
  2. Who's Magnora7?

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Who's Magnora7

He's the owner/admin of Saidit, although he's usually on Reddit instead.

What's Ice Poseidon 2?

From wiki: Paul Denino, better known as Ice Poseidon, is an American internet personality, live streamer and conman, primarily of the video game Old School RuneScape and the IRL genre. His peak prominence was in 2017 when his IRL streams became popular. He is best known for his IRL streams, which he describes as "life streaming". Rolling Stone named Denino as a "pioneer 'life streamer'." Initially a streamer on Twitch, Denino was publicly banned from the platform for being swatted off an airplane at Phoenix airport after a viewer called in a bomb threat under Denino's name. Following several years of streaming on YouTube, Denino moved to Mixer, only for the streaming platform to shut down in July 2020. Denino has returned to streaming on YouTube and continues streaming regularly as of June 2021.

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Don't be too harsh when judging Magnora. There is a very common tactic used by groups like the JIDF to shut down free speech websites in which they infiltrate those sites, post the most offensive things they can, then use those posts as justification to shut down those places using (((their))) control of ISP's, hosts, banks, etc.

It is a fine line he has to walk between allowing anything to go, while not allowing justification to get shut down. It is simply not possible to have any website on the internet which can not be shut down by (((them))). The only thing that slows them down is that using that power exposes them. Just like how destroying Kanye proved Kanye right about them.

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I don't mean to be harsh to M7, I'd have done the same damn thing probably. Joshua Moon of Kiwifarms, god bless that boy, literally has spent months fighting censorship and that's fuckin awesome, but it's like his day job now and not everyone can do that, and not just timewise, but it has to wear on a person to constantly fight fight fight.

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It's pretty obvious that Kayne's an op

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Not obvious to me. The waters get muddied with these things: actual opposition appears as controlled opposition because the controlled opposition is so convincing. My reading is that that Ye got pissed off from being manipulated, started calling them out, got threatened with imprisonment and death, and is now doing the "I love Hitler" shtick as a dead man's switch: it is his hope that, if he gets suicided, people will pay attention to what he's saying, look into the hollow hoax, and discover that Hitler isn't who we were taught he is. This is his counter-threat to his jewish enemies and he's doing it to save his ass. He suggested as much during his interview with Alex Jones. But please elaborate why you think he's an op.

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Because this place is small. The golden era of the internet was characterized by decentralized forums for people to hang out. As such, no place ever got big enough to become corrupted. The few that got too big included places like digg which wound up controlling exactly what was allowed to be on the front page, dictating thought and the flow of information.

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    tell that to sox

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    Agreed. For now. If the owners want more engagement they need to use bots.

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    Just curious, what free speech limits are on 4chan? I don't go there much anymore but it used to be the "anything goes" place and looking at it now there's still plenty of very unkosher material.

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    4chan is propaganda central for the "powers that be". Namely the jewish groups like JIDF and the Israeli military propaganda wing. Their primary tactics for censorship are things like forum sliding, and I'm sure they also use quarantining, where they create a sandbox for anyone spreading too spicy information. It was taken over by the FBI a long time ago. Most real people moved to 8chan, then that was shut down. 4chan is now controlled opposition, or honey pot. It attracts those who would otherwise find a free speech place to go and they can vent there while being monitored and manipulated.

    /pol was the first place (((they))) pushed the covid propaganda. The illusion that it is a free speech/ anti establishment platform gave them the credibility to attack those who are the hardest to con first. It is easier to con people than it is to convince them they have been conned. So (((they))) started on 4/chan to get the contrarians before they used the media to get the masses. 4/chan is just another tool in the propaganda toolbox of those in power.

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    /pol was the first place (((they))) pushed the covid propaganda.

    That's interesting, I've never heard about that. Do you have documentation of this?

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    Who the fuck documents that kind of shit? I was there. Long before covid was on the news every other post on pol was "its happening" memes. Even when it did hit the MSM there was no hysteria about it at first. But on pol it was "the end of the world". Videos of chinese crackdowns. Videos of people falling over dead. All of it started on pol.

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    Well, I was mostly curious about a timeline. I checked out and I see OPs with "covid" in it from mid-February 2020, but not earlier, and those all refer to newspaper headlines. So I cannot establish your timeline. And by that time, ordering from Aliexpress had already become a problem and the Fed had announced they would create trillions of dollars. Those things are already indicative of panic, at least among bureaucrats. They did those things, at least officially, because of panic, and for most lower level government employees the panic must've been real. I do get your point about hysteria and it wouldn't surprise me if that was an FBI op; I do believe they took it over and have some evidence of this on my computer. The thing is, I pay so little attention to the MSM that it's hard for me to tell where the hysteria spread first. I noticed a serious fear among normies in late February 2020 when Italy started locking down, and before that, Covid was referred to simply as "the virus", so people were most definitely being programmed already.

    It's important to document things like these, I'm sure a lot of people are interested.

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    /Pol was talking about it early late December and early January. Clearly your archive website has been scrubbed.

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    Yeah I don't think there's much but they got as much astroturfing as the rest.

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    On /pol/ for example, almost anything goes except CP and off topic threads. Keep in mind if you go there it's full of bots and well poisoning kikes.

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    SaidIt is tiny as fuck.

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    More than reddit, probably. Not more than 4chan though. They allow porn while also being freer than reddit on politics.

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    Until this becomes a fed honeypot as well.

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    4chan & (p)reddit both are gateways to the manosphere & woman hatred is a basic requirement on both.