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That's what you get when you call yourself a Conservative, yet support an inherently liberal economic system. When will the GOP realize that Capitalism is incompatible with social Conservatism? The top three richest men are abortionists, 97% of abortions are for socio-economic reasons, gun control hurts the poor (who can't afford private security), and the free market promotes drug use, alcoholism, pornography, and prostitution.

If you want to be a Conservative: be a Conservative! Quit shilling for liberal billionaires and fight for the conservative working-class — yanno, your base? This is why I don't vote GOP and joined the Conservative Worker's Party; the GOP don't fight back.

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I suppose when we actually have capitalism, we should start to talk about things

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Big tech and dems: one struggle.

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If conservatives have a problem with that nothing is stopping them from building their own platforms. Conservatives don't built tech platforms because they are not as smart as liberals when it comes to building a successful tech company.



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I debase myself by replying to an obvious sock puppet account, but they've tried that again and again only to be cancelled by big tech.