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Doug is right of course. The only way to take down a bank is to waste the banks time and money. You cant do that these days though because everything online. Those Occupy Wall Street protestors wasted a golden opportunity to be disruptive.

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still a better form of protest and could be applied to government building or some such.

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Just make the effort to go to the bank or phone them up to withdraw. They are so unused to dealing with a lot of people a line round the block soon forms.

And if you go to the branch withdraw in cash.

And take 10 or so different ID docs then say you don't know which ones they need so they have to work it out for you but have your actual ID in your back pocket the whole time.

And remember to be extra nice, those people aren't paid well. Ask them how their day is, if they have kids, are cats better than dogs, etc

But also why do you even want to take down the boring bank which has your account if the problem in this instance isn't the bankers but the government. Rather you just want to make the banks pissed off enough they start turning on their paid for politicians.

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You assume that most of the people you're talking to have more than $500 in savings. Most people don't.

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Plenty of old people at that protest.

Old people have savings.

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jet199 - 37 minutes ago Plenty of old people at that protest.

Old people have savings.

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