Trudeau is toast. by [deleted] in politics

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The WEF Trudeau Liberals chose to have a "pandemic" election where they deliberately chose a strategy of societal division as admitted by a Liberal government member in his breakaway press conference. The Liberals chose what we have now. The premieres of the provinces are just as responsible for triggering the "Great Reset" by imposing draconian provincial mandates.

For two years no politician in power questioned a fucking thing as many citizens fell into the mass psychosis of the hysterical moral panic as charter rights were removed. This 11th hour bravery on the backs of the working class mass arriving at the seat of government is 2 years too late.

No politician currently holding office in Canada deserves re-election.

Freedom Convoy - “We are not going home until you are all FREE” by MrJoshua in Freedom

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Yeah I guess you lost me there.

All I know is Canadians have lost very important Charter Rights creating a two tiered society because the WEF Liberal government made the conscious decision to utilize the "pandemic" as a wedge political issue and frame anyone who questions any aspect of public surveillance and obedience mandates as an enemy "anti-vaxxer" whose refusal to take part in the drug trial compliance ritual is somehow forcing the governments to shut down and collapse sections of society and dehumanize what little human interaction is allowed. But hey you gotta destroy society if you want to "build back better" so yay.

Freedom Convoy - “We are not going home until you are all FREE” by MrJoshua in Freedom

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Apparently it takes two years of government media induced transmarginal inhibition to break a weak nudge ready mind into a resentful, spiteful and violent nodule of a greater hysterical mass of trauma based fear program obedience.
The mass formation psychosis in Canada is real. The government even used the Canadian military psyops spooks to stoke "covid" hysteria with their corporate media partners.

I have family and friends, normally decent minded folk, who have disowned me for questioning the vaccines, mandates and lockdowns and general government overreach just like several corporate media outlets told them they had to.

They think I should be shunned from society and just die because I am healthy and want to stay that way. Either they always hated me or the programming was just that heavy and they popped as weak things do under deeply unfamiliar pressure.

This culmination of the woke moral panic infiltration into all aspects of society has fucked with people's minds and your borg analogy is an uncomfortable laugh. There are people who truly believe this whole freedom convoy is a "white supremacist" movement of dumb two dimensional cretins. I've lost my latest contract for vaccine non-compliance. I lost my living so the covid program can run into year three and the frightened can rule public spaces and the Liberals here can play out their "Great Reset".

Justin Trudeau purchased enough emergency use liability free experimental gene therapies to "vaccinate" every Canadian ten times. I thought the original "vaccines" were made for the now passed "Delta Variant" but I don't understand the $cience anymore so should just jack three shots of that into my lymph nodes because

"We are not going home until you are all FREE" by MrJoshua in canada

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It is the largest working class protest in the history of Canada. I thought this production was lovely.

And all the leftist politicians have sorrowfully decried the white supremacy!

For the last two years the Canadian government ( even utilizing The Canadian Forces Psychological Operations Unit) and colluding bought off corporate media have censored and formed a covid narrative of irrational fear and hysterical reactions. Vax or die just like the rest of the Western nations. The mass formation psychosis has gathered some mass here as well and with leftist officialdom crying about “white supremacy” the straw men have marched across media For all to jeer. The dirty working class are racist now empty your brain and muzzle up!

Some people are politically entrenched while other are hopelessly neurotic.

We must be kind to the hysterical and craven as we move past their fear and loathing and get on with life.

CDC to consider increasing time between vaccine doses to lower risk of heart inflammation by Gravi in news

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How the gaslight persists.

Vax-Maxxed Female Comedy by MrJoshua in comedy

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Climate change?

After pulling songs, Neil Young is telling Spotify employees to quit their jobs by Antarchomachus in news

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Laurel Canyon spooks get extra 15 minutes as not so stealth front men for hedge funds, Big Pharma and the fascist love of ideological Censorship.

Fuck off Neil Young.

Government Plan To Kill With Covid-19 Vaccine Aired On TV In 2009 by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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Could go that way yes.

Government Plan To Kill With Covid-19 Vaccine Aired On TV In 2009 by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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Funny how the Governor now mocks anti-vaxxers and encourages everyone to get "vaxxed" because it is free and the government would never hurt the people.

Almost like he was always a big fat phony wrassler playing a role.

Every Way to Cook an Egg (59 Methods) | Bon Appétit (27 minutes) by Tiwaking in Cooking

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Tucker Carlson film on George Soros is his latest antisemitic dog-whistle by ShalomEveryone in politics

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Tiresome title gore.

What is the cheapest way to consume caffeine? by usehername in Ask

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CIA Assets discredit Dr. Robert Malone by [deleted] in conspiracy

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Check under your car.

Trucker Freedom Convoy Coverage By Indie-Media, Canadian And Beyond by JasonCarswell in canada

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The largest grass root labour protest in the history of the country and the nuleft and their leaders hiss racism and complain that their city can’t get back to half closed all muzzled social credit “normal”.

The hatred and projection emanating from the nuleft propaganda machine here in Canada is breath-taking in its audacity. The gaslight got cranked to 11. These pod people are fucking psychotic.

Vitamin D pre-infection deficiency can result in increased COVID severity by AXXA in news

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No western government said anything other than lockdown mask obey vax or die.

Instead great effort was undertaken by corporate media in collusion with government agencies in regulatory capture to censor and ban all talk of any safe effective and simple early treatment. The cries for censorship and social credit systems coming from the nuleft are horrifying. Two years of psychological operations and social “Reset” has broken many down into perpetually frightened hypochondriacs waiting for an authority figure to release them from the spell. The Cult.