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Great summary presentation, worthy of sharing with sheeple who may have questions and be willing to delve.


I don't need credit for sharing the Last American Vagabond's content. I stumbled on this post by chance (I'm trying to minimize my SaidIt addiction) but you might want to know that "/u/UserName" in a post title or body won't ping them, whereas in the comments "/u/Marginotions" will receive a message (unless there's a preference to turn it off).

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Thnx JC. I consider u one of the Saints of Saidit. Good (readers benefit) for that overuse addiction.

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That's sweet of you to say, but I'm realizing my addiction is wearing thin.

As much as I want to learn everything I can't. I don't even read much. I'm always inputting/listening/peeking at YouTube as I multitask on my PC and/or in real life, but as much as I want to share all the good stuff I come across I just can't keep up. I feel like much of what I'm doing could be accomplished with a script or bot or addon.

But worse than that, while I feel passionate about sharing good content, especially on important matters, I'm left with a large hole in my soul.

I need to pull back from SaidIt for a while to focus and develop my own content, along with a development organization to manage it.

BTW, I love your fringe-thinking username.

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hole in my soul

I get holes in my soles too.

I notice your ideas are similar to mine, moral outrage tinged with outlandish approaches, and a fetish for the bizarre. (Am I wrong? That's me, anyway.)

Don't know what sorts of your own content you might want to develop, but I suggest you go over to where you will see I have 3 subs to moderate. It's very easy to sort out problems with other reader's posts because those are negligible. LoL. So nearly everything on those subs is by me. So if you try that, skim thru the or maybe page thru the subs, you may find some interesting items for research. Original thinking is my specialty.

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Veeeeery tempting. I'm trying to minimize distractions. Also, I avoid Reddit.

Yes, it sounds like we're similar. I have no shortage of ideas, good, bad, ugly, and fucking brilliant on occasion.

But I need to focus (today is shot) and pull away for a month or few to get my Bittersweet Seeds project presentable for feedback, support, further group development, and eventually presentable products to promote and sell and so on.

That means pulling away. But I will return.