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    What if our elite leaders are secretly based and that's the plan? Just kidding

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    Some of the replies are a little more sane than I would have expected.

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    Do these people think there should just be one mixed sex league, since they don't believe male and female are meaningful categories? Of course they don't, because then the troons wouldn't win

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    Ohhhh Canada. Our home and native land!
    Scientist stay out, gay ethics do us command!

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    We churn out an impressive amount of bullshit.

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    Eh that's just as bad. The question is are women allowed to have their own events (and everything else) back that they always used to have until a few years ago.

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    I get that they don’t like parents booing (said booing I fully support), but the sheer refusal to even consider WHY people have a different opinion on this is always hilarious.

    Not everyone is going to agree with you. Not everything is going to go your way or be resolved in your favor. That’s how the real world works and well adjusted people figure out how to get over it, and over themselves.

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    I have a question. Do you think the commenters are evil, or very stupid? Do you think they are perfectly aware, as everyone is, of the biological differences between men and women and are just relishing in the chaos and evil? Or do you think they're completely idiotic and ignorant, barely able to distinguish their ass from their head (and these people can or will have the right to vote)?

    I don't know which option is worse.

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    I think most are liberal-left who are afraid to admit they were wrong about anything so ridiculous. Their thought leaders are still doubling down, so they'll continue as long as they're surrounded by a critical mass of people that will do the same.

    I was listening to some ex-radicals from the 1960s talk about the delusion they were in. I think there's a lot of that going on.

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    This 100%. These people are terrified of the idea of having original opinions in case it's the "wrong" one. When you don't form your morality from experience and principles but rather a set of things you were told make you a good person, you're categorically incapable of breaking with orthodoxy because you basically have no moral compass of your own. This is also why it's so easy to get people to believe hypocritical or contradictory ideas, because they treat each topic in isolation and not in relation to a larger, consistent ethos.

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    All these troonsphobic parents!

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    Dunno why he/it wants to win an event about which it would be ashamed.

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    Couple of based replies in there. It's reassuring.