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"He's literally warning society against promoting transgenderism among young children more than 40 years ago"

Sorry but no he's not.

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood was a show for very young children from kindergarten up through maybe 3rd grade. And back in the 60s/70s/80s, tranny kids weren't a thing. It wasn't on anybody's radar including Rogers', and the notion was so ridiculous it was unthinkable. But even so, Rogers just wasn't the kind of person to give cryptic warnings to society. He was a straightforward guy and if he really wanted to warn the world about this issue then he would have done so very specifically and concisely.

Let's just please let the man rest in peace and not tarnish his legacy.

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Yeah, considering it wasn’t until John Money et al in the late sixties and early seventies, that “gender identity” was talked about in academic journals, it is hard to see how a children’s TV presenter could have predicted anything, let alone been warning the world when up until that point the few transwomen were middle-aged men and transmen weren’t a thing.

I suspect that because Mr Rogers made so many episodes of his show and was interviewed on TV so often that you could find all sorts of things he is appearing to advocate or warn about simply because he said an awful lot and clipping an out of context sentence or two is easy if you have the time to go looking for things.

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Not quite true. There was at least one doctor in Weimar Germany that performed surgeries and so forth. I can't remember his name. This cancer has been growing for awhile. And just like peak Weimar it will end with pedos and political upheaval.

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Well he's essentially saying. "You're fine just the way you are." Which is what most everyone with any sense was telling people for years.

To get at the core of the issue, disphoria is oftentimes, but not exclusively always, caused simply by kids growing up and not being comfortable with themselves. This is frankly 100% normal to feel growing up. How many kids get a zit or something and hate it? How many kids don't like the changes that come with puberty? There is a transitional period in everyone's lives, and that period goes from childhood to adulthood. For many the trans phenomenon isn't about gender it's about delaying and preventing the transition into adulthood entirely. It's based on a bunch of weird authoritarian gender stereotypes where if a kid prefers playing with dolls instead of with trucks it means they are a girl which is just insane nonsense one would expect from the most braindead right-wing mindsets. And one reason why you see a lot of trans identification in places with such strict gender rolls for those who don't conform to them. At least historically before being trans was trendy.

All he's doing is what every child psychologist would do, quell the kids worry. The kid is worried about how they don't feel good enough to be a boy or a girl or some nonsense, they feel different than the other kids, maybe they are being bullied, you don't go and tell the kid, you're right, you are actually a girl/boy, you need to change yourself to fit better into that image. The kid will believe you, as an authority figure, the kid will seem happier for a time because you've given them some guidance and meaning, but you've given them a nonsense unachievable ideal that they can never achieve either. You've just replaced "I'm not good enough as a boy, I must be a girl" with an inevitable future crisis of "I'll never be a real woman, no matter how hard I try" which is true because you can't be what you are not. It is madness, and I do truly believe anyone who is encouraging this sort of thing has no business being in any sort of position of authority over children. Be that as a medical professional, a teacher, or even as a parent.

There's only one thing you can tell them. You're fine just the way you are. Everyone is different. Not everyone has to like the same things or play with the same toys. There's nothing wrong with you. You don't need to change who you are because you don't feel good enough as you are.

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But even so, Rogers just wasn't the kind of person to give cryptic warnings to society. He was a straightforward guy and if he really wanted to warn the world about this issue then he would have done so very specifically and concisely.

Even beyond that, Mr. Rogers' whole thing was that he loved and respected people no matter who they were, and that he truly believed you were special and deserve love, respect, and acceptance just for being you and walked that walk every single day of his life. If Mr. Rogers grew up in a time with trans rights, he would have absolutely been these troons' biggest friend and supporter of their right to live the way they want to live.

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He definitely would be a friend to individual trannies but I don't think he would've gone along with the politics and I don't think he would've been in favor of drugs or surgeries, especially after talking to detransitioners. Remember his message was "I love you just the way you are", i.e. you don't need to change.

And I think TRAs probably would've tried to blackmail him into taking their side and that would've stressed him out bigtime and nothing short of full compliance from him would've made them happy and that would've probably personally sent him into a dark place. I'm sad Mr. Rogers is gone but I'm so glad it happened before this gender madness.

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You're projecting speculative fiction and tarnishing him intentionally or not.
Stick to facts.

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Saying someone who was built around "I love you just the way you are" would love people just the way they are": Tarnishing their legacy.

Saying someone who was built around "I love you just the way you are" really was "I love YOU just the way you are, and I also hate all the people you hate. Those people can go fuck themselves": Not tarnishing their legacy. this where the clown emoji goes?

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Doesn't make sense.