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This seems to me almost too serious for you.

Did you ever write the wikipedia ?

I mean, i see us two soon doing statistics. :)

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Too serious? I saw a YouTube featuring a Black conservative complaining about BLM and their victimology. I decided to look it up and see if it was the same definition. Of course it wasn't because Wikipedia controls the narrative. I added "religion" to my truncated definition here, implying a certain tribe. Otherwise I was just hoping people might incorporate it more into their lexicon to describe a lot of what's going on regarding rights, privilege, sexism, etc.

I've written plenty on Wikipedia and had much of it reverted or censored. I was even banned for a year 2016-2017 for being "another polite truther".

Stats? How so? The protagonist of my story is deep into stats. I dropped out of stats in university. I may need some help to improve his dialogue.

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We are brothers in arms even if you don't realize it

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I only have two arms. I'd rather have another pair of pretty arms wrapped around me.

Kindred philosophers perhaps?

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    I don't recognize that if it's a quote. The only Danish nobility I know of is Hamlet and Erik. I'm afraid I'm very ignorant on the matter. If it's not a quote then it's too cryptic and lost on me. Intriguing but I fear it's a waste of your time to throw those kinds of obscure codes at me.